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Fernando Reino da Costa President & CEO, Unipartner

PORTUGAL - Telecoms & IT

Fernando Reino da Costa

President & CEO, Unipartner


Fernando Reino da Costa, Unipartner’s President & CEO, leads a consulting team with the mission of supporting digital transformation in large enterprises, the finance and the public sectors, helping them innovate and evolve continuously. With more than 30 years of experience, da Costa founded Unipartner alongside four former directors of Unisys, in 2015, after its reorganization. Having a degree in management, he studied electrotechnical engineering, holds a post-graduation from ISEG, and a business and leadership master from INSEAD.

“At Unipartner, we focus on three main pillars: people, sustainability and digital.”
Unipartner works with a wide range of organizations to provide services and solutions in Microsoft enterprise areas as well as digital transformation tools and sustainability.
Can you provide an overview of Unipartner and its business focus?

Unipartner is among the largest IT consulting firms based in Portugal, with a diverse portfolio of mostly European customers. Our highly qualified consulting team works with government organizations, financial institutions, NGOs, and commercial enterprises to solve their most demanding IT and business challenges. We assist them with our innovative portfolio of cross-industry and industry-focused specialized services and solutions that address specific uses cases.

What products and services drive business growth for the company?

As a major Microsoft partner, we cover all Microsoft enterprise areas, with teams that are not only highly trained and certified, but who have also been recognized as Partner of the Year in areas like the modern workplace, data center transformation, and security. We are, in fact, one of the first European companies with all Microsoft Security certifications. Additionally, we have solid partnerships with other global leading technology providers, namely Salesforce, Outsystems and Sitecore.

What company types do you work with?

We primarily work with large organizations, at both regional and global scopes. If we narrow it down to industry, we have wide experience in the financial sector, namely banking and insurance, which make up for 50% of our business. We also work with the public sector: both central and regional governments, as well as organizations in health, utilities, commerce, and industrial, as well as NGOs.

What are the main IT pain points of companies within the financial sector?

One of the key challenges for companies in the financial sector is managing their customers effectively. Understanding the customer profile is critical for compliance and risk management, as well as driving business growth. By gaining insight into customer spending and earning patterns, businesses can improve customer retention rates. We help clients harness the power of data to enhance their business management. We work with their existing data to support critical functions, including compliance, user acquisition, marketing and management. Additionally, we also provide support to our customers in their commercial and marketing areas.

How do you envision the future of IT consulting, and which areas are garnering traction?

Large enterprises must be agile and accelerate innovation. Speed is a critical challenge because cloud technologies are ready to use, so they move quickly on the market. To address this, we have developed a program called Digital Innovation Factory with Microsoft. It brings together professionals from business, technology, and operations to provide training on the latest Power Platform tools and components available to enhance their businesses. Digital transformation is essential in all areas, from marketing and finance to logistics. To succeed, we must take a digital-first process-oriented approach and bring all these areas together proactively. The modern workforce is already established, with remote work becoming increasingly common; however, some organizations may need to accelerate their efforts or implement functional components to better support their workers, customers and partners.

In terms of digital transformation journeys, what is the importance of leaning on a partner company that is an IT expert?

At Unipartner, we focus on three main pillars: people, sustainability and digital. Our purpose, as an organization, is to work with our customers to use technology to improve people’s lives and create a more sustainable and responsible world. For these reasons, Unipartner is a member and founder of a movement named Digital with Purpose, which has been created by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). GeSI has conducted several studies to analyze technologies such as AI, the cloud, IoT, and many others in significant organizations to determine the possible impact on sustainability in the next decade. The conclusion is that by leveraging such digital technologies for good, we can address the UN’s SDGs, namely 103 of their 169 targets. At Unipartner, we are currently working on digital transformation use cases that create a positive impact on the organizations where we implement them, and defining the ways we can measure their contributions to those organizations’ own sustainability targets.




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