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MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Fernando Ruiz-Galindo

Mexico Director, Avaya


Fernando Ruiz-Galindo holds a degree in electronics and communications, telecommunications, and IT engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. He did a senior management program at IPADE. Ruiz-Galindo is Managing Director at Avaya Mexico, where he has held leadership positions in Mexico and the Latin American region. Before, he was the leader of enterprise sales in Mexico responsible for relations with the largest companies in the market, covering all segments of the private sector. He also served as cloud sales leader.

"With our existing customers, we have a large digital base of Avaya Solutions in Mexico and worldwide."

A key differentiator for Avaya is the technological solutions it provides to both large companies as well as SMEs to address the customer experience.

In what ways have trends in the digital transformation changed since the pandemic started?

The pandemic’s effects and the lockdown impacted everyone. Now everyone is talking about the hybrid model, but that model is starting to raise many issues for the companies that were not expected it two to three years ago. Many tools and things that were used during the pandemic, were used in a drastic or urgent mode at the beginning, and, right now, companies are analyzing which ones are truly productive for the hybrid model. So, you need tools that are flexible, and capable of combing two or three people in one location and adding others remotely. One issue that many companies are facing is that these tools during the pandemic were relying on the employee’s domestic internet connection, which might not have the required bandwidth, or flexibility in terms of certain tools required by a professional hybrid model. Meanwhile, during the pandemic, many people started shopping heavily online; however, many people are exploring items online and later going to the store to get them. Therefore, if the online experience falls short of providing the right information, that company may lose a potential sale. The customer experience must also reflect the employee experience, and this is the key differentiator for Avaya versus other companies in the technology space. We provide solutions addressing the employee and the requirements of customer experience.

Why did Avaya decide to invest in private cloud?

We work on all scales and recently announced two new data centers in Mexico. With these two centers, we provide a private cloud offer that allows large companies—our focus market—that want cloud solutions but still need tailor-made ecosystems to integrate multiple operations. These data centers located in Mexico provide a safe and secure solution and are certified with many security standards required for such companies. This private cloud is like having your own specific cloud with which to enable a multiplicity of operations objectives swiftly. We can provide such solutions for the small to medium business as well as the giants.

What are your priorities for the next year?

With our existing customers, we have a large digital base of Avaya Solutions in Mexico and worldwide. In terms of contact center technology, we are the number one and have been for a long time, as all the large banks and contact centers in Mexico employ our technology. Some have claimed that contact center technology is set to disappear with the advent of new channels such as WhatsApp, social media, and so on. However, there is a challenge of having a separate channel and not being linked with the contact center, reports, analytics, and information. You are not learning from your customer, and you are unable to analyze trends to comprehend new ways of how a customer wants to be contacted. On the other side, there is a big push related to the cloud, and Avaya solutions are all available right now on the cloud and under a subscription model. This gives us not only flexibility to not only provide solid cloud solutions to our existing installment base, but also identify and attract new customers to our ecosystem. Right now, with our cloud solutions we are delivering the speed and flexibility that the cloud provides, but in communications. Many niche companies were born in the cloud and offer cloud solutions. The cloud normally implies certain standards and convenient replication, but it is not customizable or tailor-made for customers’ needs. The cloud was working in the right direction for those mid-sized companies that can adapt to the cloud offer. Yet, the larger firms want to move to the cloud, enjoy the same flexibilities, save money, not have their own data centers, and avoid investment in power and solutions that they would otherwise need to update or upgrade in the future. Therefore, we have separated our offers. We have a unique cloud offer in the technology space.



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