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PORTUGAL - Economy

Fernando Silva

CEO, Revista Business Portugal


Fernando Rodrigues da Silva’s first professional activity was motor sports journalism. Then, in 1984, he started in the business world in the automobile sector, having occupied various positions in several brands including Citröen, Mercedes-Benz, and Alfa-Romeo. In 2006, he returned to what was his first professional area, now as commercial director of various automotive information publications, where he was until 2012, the year in which he set up the Business Group, bringing together various publications dedicated to communication in the corporate and institutional sector, a group of which he is currently CEO. In 2022, he founded BExperience, a solidary company dedicated to the organisation of social responsibility events, whose motto is that “help who helps”, combining experience in the sports car sector with social responsibility.

"I think that business journalism, and this is the way we call it, is extremely useful in corporate communication."

Fernando Silva, CEO of Revista Business Portugal, talks to TBY about his vision for the future of business journalism.

What is the role of Revista Business Portugal within the Portuguese media and journalism landscape?

For more than 10 years, Revista Business Portugal has been dedicated to the main goal of publicizing all the Portugal’s business and institutional world. We showcase all the business and institutional world—the players, managers, and entrepreneurs who are responsible for the growth and development of the economy in Portugal.

 What does Revista Business Portugal focus on to deliver coverage about business that is honest, transparent, and useful? How is being independent an asset?

Our primary concern regarding the suitability and credibility of our information is based on the fact that all reports and news are “taken” from the source, since it is through the people who are leading the projects, that we get all the information. On the other hand, our editorial independence is based on a combination of principles as an added value.

What are the strengths of being a monthly periodical and what other aspects of the journal’s format do you think are key?

The fact that it is monthly allows for a different type of information; that is, we go more in-depth on the issues and take the information to the reader in a more detailed and extensive manner, as opposed to the usual day-to-day information. I believe that, in this way, we add value for the reader, as well as efficiency in communication for our clients.

Given your exposure to business executives in the country, how do you evaluate the level of optimism of the Portuguese business community going into 2023?

The news we are confronted with every day would have us believe that the times ahead will require a lot of commitment, dedication and effort. But I believe that the quality, competence, fighting capacity, and resilience inherent in Portuguese businessmen and entrepreneurs are a guarantee that we will overcome these difficulties and change course in order to make 2023 a year of good results.

What is the impact of Revista Business Portugal in terms of supporting networking and fomenting business opportunities?

That is one of our main and I think most successful goals. Through the printed version, the digital versions, and the social networks on which we are present, we reach a large number of readers from various areas, bringing them daily news about what companies are doing in terms of entrepreneurship, innovation, and new products and services that are being made available in the various businesses.

How do you envision the future of business journalism?

I think that business journalism, and this is the way we call it, is extremely useful in corporate communication, so its future will be all the better the more companies use it to communicate with truth, transparency, and professionalism what they do best.



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