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Fernando Suárez

MEXICO - Finance

Fernando Suárez

Director General, NCR


Fernando Suárez is Managing Director for NCR México. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems from the Ibero-American University and an MBA from the European University of Madrid. With 30 years of experience in the Information Technology industry and in Business Management for global corporations of technology services and solutions. He has contributed to sustainable growth within the Financial, Retail, and Hospitality sectors by building high-level relationships and enabling valuable strategies and solutions for his clients, particularly during his career. He had the opportunity to lead areas such as sales, consulting, and outsourcing. Fernando has collaborated with NCR since 2013 as General Director and Sales Manager for the Financial Sector.  

“While we have been leaders over time, innovating and offering hardware solutions, NCR has been transformed into a software and services solutions company.“

Could you tell us about Mexico’s role within NCR’s international strategy?
NCR Headquartered are located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, with more than 34,000 employees in 160 countries. Worldwide, we are pioneers in innovation with thousands of patents developed for the different industries in which we participate. In Mexico, NCR has been for more than 84 years, as a one of the most important technology provider, for Latin America, NCR Mexico is one of the largest country in terms of operations and income for the region. Our main strategy has been to work together with our clients, giving them credibility, tailored solutions and letting them speak for us. As leaders in the technology worldwide market, NCR’s strategy is to transform transactions into meaningful experiences for our customers. At NCR we know that transformation is essential to sustain the operation and services efficiently with the best experience to the final user.


What is the most in demand solution in Mexico, and what type of customers request it?
At NCR we are dedicated to supporting different industries such as Banking, Retail and Hospitality to drive and achieve their success, enabling day by day our customer transformation in a digital world. For this reasons, NCR is considered the # 1 global POS software provider for retail and hospitality, and the # 1 provider of ATM multivendor software. With our software, hardware and services, our clients operate their business from the back office to the front end. In the finance market, we work with the main banks providing full ATM network solutions like, HW, SW and end-to-end solutions such as ATMaaS and manage services offers. In retail and hospitality, we are the main suppliers of technology; we supply solutions like POS, Self-Checkouts and integrated solutions to run convenience stores and restaurants. We always seek to help our clients become more efficient and profitable. Over the years, NCR has driven innovation non-stop day after day, especially with today’s COVID-19 as a trigger to move faster into a new technological world to accelerate the transformation. This has led to a great evolution, not only globally in terms of how transactions are handled, but also the development of many alternatives for our clients. Our solutions are divided into layers that ensure they touch all levels of business operations and transactions. In a basic layer, we have our SW solutions handle transactions and administer processes. In an middle layer, we enable the physical channel, managing transaction flows, providing security through comprehensive protection tools that allow new terminals in a few time to be integrated into the customer’s network. In an advanced layer, we provide a series of capabilities and functionalities for the ATM network, POS, Self-Checkout, according to the business line in question. Being the digital transformation “Digital First” our main contribution to our clients to achieve self-service schemes, integrating our  SW, HW and service solutions.


What is the next step for the company, and is there another segment you are looking to break into and grow?
During the first few months of the pandemic, all the industries started to develop digital aspects aligned to the digital transactions growth, as an example, the banks experimented a strong growth of more than 65 million digital transactions and in the financial business websites, there were more than 300 million transactions in the previous months. The pandemic has increased digital transactions at least by between 15% and 20%. Right now, we are moving and supporting our clients on this digital transformation process. Our customers operate using chains of services to satisfy the need of a customer, however, sometimes the services are not connected or are not equivalent in each of the service channels, providing not good customer experience. As NCR, we are focus on working in an integral way and we look for better solutions and the better customer experience. These solutions link physical and digital world, such as branches, ATMs, cash registers, POS, Self-Checkouts among others, go through a process where they make all transactions and services available to customers in an online way and provide them with a better experience.


NCR is going through a rebranding and is now providing solution-based services. Can you elaborate on this?
While we have been leaders over time, innovating and offering hardware solutions, NCR has been transformed into a software and services solutions company. NCR has made a series of innovations and movements to increase its capabilities through its investments in recent years, making alliances and acquisitions that widely differentiate us in the market to accelerate digital transformation. We not only provide a software solution, but are also on the cloud to provide services and lower costs. In this move towards the services scheme, NCR has recently acquired companies like Cardtronics to complete the transformation and provide significant value to our clients’ value chain. Cardtronics is a trusted leader in financial self-service, enabling cash transactions at more than 285,000 ATMs around the world. We are now considering ATM as a Service schemes. Today we have the possibility to provide an analysis service instead of just a physical vision; these schemes help our clients to be more efficient, focusing on the end customer and their experience. All our products are developed with the optimal customer experience in mind. Integrating all our solutions so that end customers can reach the entire chain of digital solutions, and that the service is linked between them is our main task.

Do you manufacture your products in Mexico or do you import them from another country?
Some of our products are manufactured from Mexico. We have a factory in Chihuahua, and it is one of the latest factories to be opened worldwide and has the highest manufacturing quality. In addition, we have factories in Europe, Asia among others.


What are NCR’s goals in Mexico for 2021 and 2022?
Our goal is to continue growing and supporting our clients in all industries to enable and connect each of the elements of our digital transformation strategy towards an efficient and connected model that offers the best experience for our clients and end users. At NCR we have a portfolio of solutions and services, focused on the consumer’s perspective to transform and make easier every single day. Today, it is time for banks, retailers and hospitality industries, take the services to their customers to the next level of transformation. For that reason, NCR is fully committed to them.



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