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Filipe Jacinto Nyusi

MOZAMBIQUE - Diplomacy

Filipe Jacinto Nyusi

President, Republic of Mozambique


Filipe Jacinto Nyusi is the ruling president of Mozambique. He successfully completed his first term in power (2015-2019) and was reconfirmed president for a second term (2020-2024). Native to Cabo Delgado, President Nyusi is the fourth president of Mozambique and the first from the north of the country. Prior to assuming office, Nyusi served as minister of defense from 2008 to 2014 in the cabinet of President Armando Guebuza. Previously, Nyusi worked for the state-owned Mozambique Ports and Railways authority (CFM). He became executive director of CFM-Norte, the northern division of the company in 1995 and joined the company’s board of directors in 2007. He is also a lecturer at the Nampula campus of Universidade Pedagógica, a fellow of the Africa Leadership Initiative, and a member of the National Committee of Fighters of the National Liberation Struggle. Nyusi holds a mechanical engineering degree from Antoní­n Zápotockí½ Military Academy in Brno, former Czechoslovakia, and a master’s degree from the Victoria University of Manchester in the UK.

The presidency is focused on investing more in the development of Mozambicans across the country and promoting the creation of new employment opportunities on all levels.

We start today an important step on our historical path as a people and as a nation, which will elevate Mozambique to a new height of harmony and development. It is with great honor and humility that I assume the highest office of the state and the nation, as the fourth president of the Republic of Mozambique. This is the mandate that millions of Mozambicans have conferred to me, in yet another process of democratic elections, to lead this great nation for the next five years.

I represent a new generation that has inherited enormous successes and stimulating challenges. We have all inherited the responsibility to preserve the conquests achieved by our people during a path led by visionary leaders who have fought for the freedom and wellbeing of all Mozambicans. The wealth of our inheritance is anchored on three main conquests: independence as the starting point for our nation; national unity as a precondition to building a democratic, united, and prosperous Mozambique; and peace as a precondition for economic and social development. These are solid conquests for all Mozambicans, though none can be considered definitive without further consolidation. We need to make sure that never again will Mozambicans live under the threat of fear and weapons. We are all called upon to participate in the educational life of our nation to promote peace, harmony, and social solidarity as a collective culture in our everyday lives. I am aware of the necessity to reinforce the requirements of our judicial institutions to preserve law and order for our hardworking and peaceful people. As head of state, I will prioritize openness and constructive dialogue with all political forces and civil organizations to promote harmony. Rest assured I will do everything in my power to prevent that. Never again will brothers turn against their brothers in Mozambique. I will vigorously defend human rights, in particular the right to life and the fundamental liberties of every citizen. The challenges that lie ahead of us will certainly require new collective and individual attitudes. This entails the courage to make changes, but these changes must be made in the most democratic, institutional, and responsible way.

I assume the command of the state and government, inheriting a country experiencing great socioeconomic growth, resulting from the efforts of previous administrations. Mozambique is blessed with natural resources, especially arable lands, forests, mineral resources, and fisheries. The recent important discoveries of coal, gas, and heavy minerals place Mozambique on the global radar as a preferred destination for investments. Through this government, I will guarantee that all actions of research, production, distribution, and industrialization will be made in a transparent and responsible way, contributing to the expansion, transformation, and modernization of the economy. I will fight to ensure a growing integration of Mozambicans in all investment projects, especially in natural resources. My government wants to become a strategic partner in the affirmation of a robust entrepreneurial class of Mozambicans. I want our state and our people to be the real owners of the wealth and potential of our country.

We already know the importance of solidarity from countries around the world, and we want to recognize more and more the contribution of all who will be interested in investing, working, and living in our country, respecting Mozambican laws. My government will promote a balanced and sustainable macroeconomic environment to ensure a secure climate, investor confidence, and return on investment. We want to build a nation that bets on human capital formation and development as its active principle. We intend to invest more in the development of Mozambicans across the country and promote the creation of new employment opportunities on all levels. In the middle-to-long term, we seek to visibly increase public revenue, national average income, and per-capita income. We will continue investing in traditional sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, agro-industry, transport and services, and tourism, all of which hold great potential to create employment.

We want Mozambique to continue to be referred to as one of the countries with the highest growth rates in the world. However, the wellbeing of the average citizen is not measured solely through macroeconomic indicators. Vast segments among our rural, peripheral, and urban populations live in poverty. This is exacerbated by the fact that we are a prevalently young nation with high demographic growth. The forecasts are clear: by 2025, we will be 33 million. We need to lay today the fundaments for this not-so-distant future. We need actions, not words. I intend to create and lead a pragmatic government, simplifying its structure and focusing on concrete problem resolution on the basis of justice and social equality. This government will strive to reduce costs, fight excessive expenditure, and apply responsible management. The epicenters of my government will be job creation, infrastructure construction, and rural development. I will not stop until the whole country is paved with roads that are accessible all-year round, enabling the free circulation of people and goods. We want to promote the necessary investments to improve our road network, railways and port system, and air and sea transport to ensure all citizens can travel safely within the country. We want to implement strategies to improve living conditions for rural and urban families. We will increase support to SMEs to generate more employment, prioritizing the participation of young people and women in the country’s social and economic development. We will further pursue the process of decentralization and de-concentration of competences and resources to boost rapid development across all territorial units. We want to implement development programs and strategies for the districts, where people co-exist with real problems. Finally, I want Mozambicans to live in a country with electricity, a diversified energy matrix, greater access to potable water, health structures, and universal access to information technologies and communications.

Agriculture is the fundamental basis of our development, as defined in our constitution. Thus, we want to dedicate special attention to the promotion of public and private investments in agriculture, farming, and fishing; provide support to rural families and incentives to farmers; industrialize agriculture; and focus on food production and food security as a basic human right.
I know this commitment that I am taking in front of the nation and the world requires great responsibility, sacrifice, and hard work. Let us join hands and walk together as brothers to build a better Mozambique.



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