The Business Year

Maged El Serougy

General Manager-Kuwait, Schneider Electric

Christian Laugier

CEO, Middle East, Egis

Kuwait's Vision 2035 revolves around an ambitious nationwide digital transformation plan, the success implementation of which will stem from the expertise of international companies like Schneider Electric and Egis.

What are the main factors that differentiate Schneider Electric?

MAGED EL SEROUGY As the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric is supporting Kuwait as a key market in the Arabian Gulf. Our Kuwait business has grown rapidly over the past two to three years, and is set to accelerate as we support the nationwide digital transformation goals. Our key differentiator is the EcoStruxure architecture, which is optimized for the Internet of Things. EcoStruxure integrates three layers: the bottom layer of connected products, the middle layer of edge control, and the top layer of apps, analytics, and services. Organizations that use EcoStruxure can deliver enhanced value in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity. Our research and development are enhancing the ease of deployment and running large networks of sensors, and the scalability and security of the infrastructure needed to harness the big data analytics coming from these networks.

What main projects will Egis focus on in 2019?

CHRISTIAN LAUGIER Egis is working on certain major, iconic projects in various sectors. Our ongoing road projects (Al Ghousa and Al Bidda) are the major infrastructure improvements delivered for the Ministry of Public Works. In the rail sector, Egis is looking at the Kuwaiti component of the GCC railway and city urban rail. Regarding the water, environment, and energy sectors, Egis is working on several challenging projects announced under a PPP scheme, such as the Kabd solid waste-to-energy project, Umm al-Hayman STP, and others. Our team is involved in environmental projects such as the rehabilitation of three landfills for Kuwait City. In the urban sector, we are capitalizing on strong local presence and Egis’ capabilities as a leading international engineering firm. Healthcare facilities, institutional and educational buildings, as well as new city expansions are of great interest to us. Egis’ expertise benefits from cross-market and cross-domain projects, innovative and long-term solutions, as well as supporting financing schemes that cater to national requirements.

What steps are being taken by Schneider Electric to become greener?

MES Kuwait faces three key mega-trends: urbanization, industrialization, and digitization. The new crop of executives fully understands the importance of digital infrastructure in enabling energy efficiency and business competitiveness. For example, with 75% of a building’s life cycle costs in maintenance and operations, building owners and facilities management companies need to be proactive in their maintenance. Assets advisors, which is part of our digital energy solutions, can provide the deep analytics and insights to optimize costs. Smart grids can help electricity producers and distributors to enhance the efficiency of their assets. In the industrial sector, manufacturers and factories can improve the efficiency of electric motor systems.

What is Egis’ approach to the tender for the international airport project?

CL Egis has been invited by the Ministry of Public Works to bid for the Project Management of International Airport’s Terminal 2, along with its airside and landside infrastructure. We consider this as an opportunity to become a strategic partner of the ministry for its infrastructure projects. We aim to become a preferred consultant and a partner for the Kuwait Directorate General of Civil Aviation by providing various consultancy, engineering, and project management services. Egis offers consultancy services in the air traffic management sector, reinforcing the safety of the air transportation sector and optimizing the country’s airspace. An extensive experience in airport infrastructure projects, as both investor and operator of 17 airports globally, would be beneficial to the Kuwaiti government when seeking innovative financing options with long-term solutions.

What are your expectations for the year ahead?

MES 2019 is set to be a springboard for Kuwait Vision 2035’s nationwide digital transformation. The government continues to drive energy efficiency initiatives from the top-down, and the private sector continues to drive innovative initiatives. In Kuwait, we are exchanging best practices with global smart cities such as Naya Raipur, Istanbul, and Berlin. We will also continue to expand and enhance the training for our Kuwait channel partner program. We are also planning to continue our partnership with INJAZ AL-Arab to foster a spirit of mentorship, passion, and service among business leaders in the Arab world and enhance our training for youth in partnership with educational institutions.

CL As the region moves toward PPP projects, we have organized ourselves in preparation for the next regional challenges. Egis has the experience and international capabilities to undertake such projects and support local clients. The model, delivery process, and resources will vary from more traditional projects, bringing innovative solutions, high efficiency, and long-term sustainability. I am confident 2019 will prove to be highly successful, and we will take a lead position across a range of projects, despite the challenges.



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