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Working to assist specific causes and groups, these foundations in Mexico play an important role in the communities and regions they are based in.

Fernanda Peniche

Managing Director, Fundación CMR

The foundation seeks to address childhood malnutrition in children aged zero to six years living in poverty. We address childhood malnutrition and anemia, which results in inadequate physical and neurological development due to the lack of the necessary levels of hemoglobin in the blood or because their cells cannot absorb the food’s nutrients. On one hand, we battle malnutrition. On the other hand, we strengthen and train the organizations we work with. We are not interested in simply providing a dietary supplement for temporary improvement. Rather, we want to see continued improvement over time, regardless of our presence, or that of any other organization. We have organizations through which we distribute food supplies though always together with a nutrition workshop, focused primarily on children—the main beneficiaries—caretakers and parents, and teachers in kindergarten and centers of early learning. We hold workshops that address subjects such as nutrition, and healthy habits. We want to teach children the benefits of a healthy diet for the long term. It is important for parents or main caretakers to have a clear vision of how to ensure food security for the children and the family.

Miguel Ángel Laporta

National Director, World Vision Mexico

World Vision in Mexico is almost 40 years old, and on a global level, is one of the three largest foundations. We are present in over 100 countries. We define our strategy to encompass 4 million children and teenagers by 2024. We focus mainly on the young, but we are aware of the importance of catering to youngsters over 18 years of age, which is something we have learned during COVID. We are worried about Mexico in terms of early childhood because, during COVID, 5 million kids dropped out of school. Education is vital and the challenge is to keep kids in school in a contained environment, because this way, apart from learning, we have a less violent society. Our objective is to connect people. We want to help those who want to help. We have been in Mexico for 18 years, implementing a sponsorship program where donors adopt a child monthly. We are working to establish partnerships to adopt a community, not only a person, and contribute with a specific action for the entire social group. As we connect donors with communities, we are looking to connect businesses with the country’s many necessities.

Adriana Castañeda de Rivera

We assist various foundations and different causes, including children with cancer and homeless people. We also collaborate with governments and foundations to fight human trafficking. We started in Colima first, as I am originally from Colima, and we later expanded into Mexico City. We organized a global event with a well-known brand, and a portion of the proceeds were donated to various foundations such as Caritas. In fact, we plan to hold a raffle and donate some items to the government of the State of Colima. There are also homeless people here; therefore, we want to acquire some land to build a shelter for them. I work for a non-profit organization called Ponte en mi lugar. Typically, we always work in collaboration with other foundations, and we join forces and hold events together. I also work with another foundation, and I went to the Capitol with them. We also held an auction in Miami, where several artists generously made donations, and a portion of the proceeds was used to combat human trafficking. We have also worked with a Colombian foundation that gathers donations from businesses. We always welcome anyone that wishes to assist and collaborate with us.



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