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The mobility and automotive sector is poised for numerous exciting developments, with more sustainable and smarter options set to be launched in the coming years.

Bryan Wu

Executive Vice President, Chirey Mexico

Chirey has been the number-one Chinese brand in the overseas automotive industry for the past 20 years, not only in Mexico but all over the world. As a result, other companies are learning from us, and we are the pioneers. We are the highest-selling brand, having sold 50,000 units globally outside of China, whereas other Chinese brands sell around 10,000. At times, having competition can make companies stronger, and we are not afraid of the other Chinese brands because they push us to do better. They help us to strive to be more perfect and ensure high-quality products. The quality of our offering is excellent, and we also know how to do business and bring products to other countries. Chirey is a new brand in Mexico, and it was tough to initially get customers to accept us. We have worked hard to raise more awareness by holding events and providing customers with a great deal of information about our brand.

Cristina Lara Jimenez

CEO, Air Mobility

Mexico has large metropolitan areas with heavy traffic making moving around them slow and difficult whereby having another more efficient option is attractive. On top of this, air taxis have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly. We are the first company in Mexico to have the mission of promoting air mobility in a safe, automatic, and environmentally friendly manner. Those are our three main promises and all of our vehicles and offerings comply with this. We are promoting mobility and changing the way people and goods move around. We have drones for passengers and logistics that organize couriers from packages weighing 3kg up to 250kg. It is also a solution for panoramic scenic flights, that make a lot of sense in touristy areas. As well, Mexico has a complex geography, and we can be a good alternative in the event of a disaster or emergency being much more practical in terms of the vehicle size and with the ability to land in numerous places.

Jaime Cohen

CEO, Mercedes Benz

Mercedes continues to offer internal combustion engines though there is a clear change in our direction. By 2030, our target is for 100% of our offerings to be electric vehicles. That is dramatic for a company such as ours, which has such a long of history of diesel and gasoline engines. We have to fulfill the expectations of quality and services for both audiences by 2030. We will do that the Mercedes way because we have the quality and service commitment to fulfill. We are also investing heavily in digital. Right now, our new S-Class has the capacity of about 54 laptops. It monitors everything, for example how fast one is going and the road conditions. Mercedes just got the approval for level-3 of automated driving in Europe and California. That involves not only communicating with sensors but also with a cloud. There has also been a lot of investment in shared driving, and work is being done to figure out exactly how this will work.

Elias Massri

CEO & President of the Board, Giant Motors Latinoamerica

When we launched the range of electric motors in 2019 everyone said Mexico was not prepared as of now; however, since 2021 Jac has been the number-one brand in the market for electric vehicles. Originally, this was a luxury product, but we are gradually working to make such vehicles more affordable. In recent years, many large companies have opted to have green fleets. Having reduced fuel and maintenance costs and charging facilities in place makes distribution easier and cheaper, mainly in the last mile. Another big market we are looking at is companies that provide cars for their employees. We believe major growth in the automotive industry will come from alternative energies. On the retail front, it is a matter of people becoming used to the idea of electric vehicles, and the added challenge is to make them affordable. That is why we have vehicles like the EX10, which at about MXN450,000 is affordable to young people. After the initial payment, one no longer has to purchase gasoline.



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