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Given that Mexico has significant potential for solar generation and is still at a nascent stage, the market is predicted to be dynamic and competitive in the coming years.

Santiago Villagomez

CEO, Energía Real

Energia Real’s DNA is real estate, and its core business is onsite generation. Some of the founder shareholders and I come from MIRA, and we were looking at the energy solutions we could offer to commercial and industrial properties. Distributed energy emerged as one of the primary solutions. The interesting part of Energia Real’s business model is that it not only offers a tailored energy supply solution that is renewable and saves money, but also understands how companies operate. Our main distinguisher is that we offer power purchase agreements (PPA), which are long-term contracts. In shopping malls, for example, Energia Real can occupy the roof for up to 25 years but sells energy in the short term to the occupants. We take on the risks together by investing in energy sales in the property, making it possible for them to monetize their roof and/or parking. We use the same strategy as a real estate fund, but for energy sales. We offer clients a range of financed solar solutions, along with savings and data that will increase their energy efficiency.

Katia Bernal

CEO, Citrus

For close to a decade, CITRUS has specialized itself in offering industrial thermal energy solutions using renewable energy technologies. CITRUS signed a framework agreement in 2021 with Swedish company Absolicon to acquire its production line in order to produce the world’s most efficient concentrated solar collector for the Mexican market. We plan to start production of concentrating solar collectors in 2023. As the system is completely modular, it can be easily expanded at any time. Its versatility gives us the opportunity to connect at any point in the hot-water lines at the company pending on the process needs. The CITRUS solar plant for thermal energy generation is designed to address the process needs of any application requiring hot water and/or steam for all industries. In order to mitigate the risks associated with the uncertainties around the world, more and more companies are opting to install CITRUS solar plants for thermal energy generation in-situ. We guarantee a constant, CO2 free supply of heat at a fixed price for up to 25 years.

Iván Reyes

Latin America Utility Director, LONGi

In 2021, LONGi’s global sales performance, market share, and brand influence ranked it first in the world, with its total shipment volume of domestic and exported modules exceeding the second place by more than 10GW. Normally, we manufacture modules, but we also manufacture wafers, which is the main raw material from which solar modules are made. Latam is an important market for us. We entered somewhat late, but still managed to acquire a number of utility projects at the end of the tender. We have already executed several utility projects on large-scale solar farms. Msssoreover, we understand today’s challenge concerning Mexico’s energy policy. The energy policy for the distribution-generation market, mostly addresses smaller systems for C&I, rooftops, residential, and commercial projects. Many companies have seen a swift return on investment while, at the same time, energy tariffs are rising. This particular segment is currently generating considerable business for our company while we await the return of large-scale projects.

Pablo Rivero

Director of Business Development, Forefront Power

Forefront Power is a subdivision of Mitsui & Co. It was created when the company acquired a division of SunEdison, one of the world’s largest solar companies. Forefront Power uses the model of a start-up but has the background and expertise of the previous company. Forefront is basically the arm of the solar power division. We lead the part of the smaller solar projects through Forefront, and Mitsui manages the utility scale solar projects, which is how we collaborate. Right now, we have a pipeline of over 150 customers. The company started four years ago. We had a different model at the beginning where we developed utility projects at a smaller scale of between 10 and 15MW. We then saw a new opportunity to focus on next-generation projects of under 500kW. And that is what we currently specialize in. In general, Forefront Power is always looking to grow, and we are currently doing research into mobility. We are heavily engaged in storage in the US, and we want to bring that business to Mexico, too, despite the current lack of incentives to do so.



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