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Francisco Casas

SPAIN - Green Economy

Francisco Casas

CEO, emovili, Spain


Francisco Casas is a distinguished professional and entrepreneur born in Madrid. He has a solid academic background, having completed the Executive Development Program at IESE in 2002, and holds a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Currently, he is furthering his education through the Executive Forum. He began his career at AUXIM, a company specializing in the manufacture of automotive components, with operations in Spain and Mexico. Since 2011, he has been a partner in this company, demonstrating his early interest and commitment to the automotive sector. In 2010, he expanded his business portfolio by becoming a partner in Alolux, a company operating in the consumer goods and services sector. Additionally, since 2011, he has served as managing partner at SIFC, S.L., a company dedicated to automotive and industrial project execution. In this entity, he has also performed consultancy roles in sales and industrial representations, reinforcing his profile as an expert in the commercial and industrial fields. A significant milestone in his career was in 2017, when he ventured to found emovili, an entrepreneurial project aimed at impacting the sustainable mobility sector, thus demonstrating his commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability. In 2020, Casas joined Watiofy as a partner, a firm dedicated to energy consulting, further expanding his influence in critical sectors for sustainable development and the green economy. Francisco Casas is a committed entrepreneur who has successfully navigated and contributed to key sectors such as automotive, sustainability, and energy consulting, standing out for his leadership and innovative capacity.

"Our success in capturing a market share of over 50% in just six years, despite competition from utilities, demonstrates our potential for success in other countries."
TBY talks to Francisco Casas, CEO of emovili, Spain, about inspiration for the founding of the company, brand identity, and goals for the coming year.
What was the inspiration behind the establishment of emovili?

The idea came up in 2017 with my partner after identifying the lack of charging points in Spain, they both came up with the idea of setting up emovili. Initially serving utility companies, we received a request from one and began providing services for electric cars, starting with Tesla, then expanding to other manufacturers. Four years ago, we ventured independently into the market, initially focusing on Madrid with BMW, and later expanding nationwide. Beginning with a modest market share due to low electric car sales, we diversified into B2B services for homes and companies. Post-COVID, we entered the solar panel business to meet customer demand for free electricity to power their electric cars, enabling cross-selling. The project continues, with plans to develop public infrastructure through emovili. In six years, demand for our services has grown tenfold.

How has your collaboration with BMW influenced emovili’s brand identity and market presence?

BMW was among our earliest clients in Spain, initially through a tender process for their headquarters in Germany and other countries. We consistently participate in such tenders, offering service pricing. We finalize pricing and service KPIs with the headquarters. Subsequently, our focus shifts to collaborating with car dealers. Initially, we received leads from dealers for charge installation services. Currently, we have integrated these services into BMW’s pricing, covering installation and charging when purchasing a car. This means these services are included in the car sale. We also offer financial terms, providing comprehensive services to end customers interested in electric cars through BMW.

In recent years, emovili has partnered with Label Investments to expedite its European and global expansion. How will this partnership drive growth in other markets?

We have contacts with various utilities, as we currently hold over 18% market share in Spain and our goal is to have 50% share next year. Recently, we sold 15% of the company equity to a fund, using the proceeds for internalization, including expansion into Portugal; and digitalization, exemplified by emovili Connect, which transforms us from a mere installation company to one that also manages charging and electricity control. emovili Connect provides users with comprehensive control over their home or business electricity usage, including alarms and charge control. Additionally, it integrates with solar panels and inverters, streamlining management through a single application. Furthermore, it offers control over public charging stations across Spain, consolidating power management into one convenient platform. emovili Connect was established in 2023, but officially launched in February 2024. Our marketing team’s initial focus is on offering free services to our existing base of over 25,000 customers. Starting in February 2024, our installers have prompted customers to download emovili Connect during home visits, granting access to our full suite of services. While we still provide infrastructure installation, our primary identity today is that of a technology company.

In Spain a law mandates that commercial buildings with 20 or more parking spaces must install charging points. How has this regulation impacted emovili’s operations?

This primarily involves B2B projects, particularly with parking facilities, both public and private, which are required by government regulation to have at least one charging station for every 20 parking spaces, although there are no penalties for non-compliance. Despite the lack of penalties, there is significant demand, especially from private companies keen to comply with government mandates. Our role extends beyond installation; we also manage operations, including selling energy to visitors and employees.

Solar panels are pivotal for your business, given the anticipated 30% global electricity generation from renewables. How will emovili leverage this solar growth?

In Spain, we benefit from abundant sunlight, driving significant market growth over the past two years. However, it is essential to distinguish between the B2C and B2B markets. While the B2C sector experienced over 100% growth from 2021 to 2022, it declined last year due to decreased electricity prices and longer financial terms for investments. Although Spain’s solar panel market is vast, it is fiercely competitive, with only a fraction of eligible households having adopted the technology. B2B opportunities, such as large factories, hotels, parking lots and real estate, offer promising prospects due to high electricity costs. We have secured substantial agreements in this sector, with numerous projects underway monthly. Exploring new avenues, such as agriculture, presents further opportunities for expansion, as these sectors also require electricity. Despite the challenges of the B2C market, our focus remains on leveraging the growth potential of B2B and emerging sectors like agriculture.

How can these challenges be overcome?

We anticipate electricity prices rising alongside market growth. While our pace may be deliberate, we consistently execute operations monthly. Our primary focus is on cross-selling, leveraging the synergy between electric vehicle charging demand and solar panel installation. This strategic approach sets us apart from competitors in the industry.

What are emovili’s goals and priorities for the coming year?

We are currently in negotiations to bring on board an industrial partner. This partnership will accelerate our growth trajectory by providing the necessary funds, but we require the expertise of an international member to capitalize on new market opportunities. Our success in capturing a market share of over 50% in just six years, despite competition from utilities, demonstrates our potential for success in other countries. Therefore, our focus is on expanding into at least two new countries within the next year.



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