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Francisco Miranda

COLOMBIA - Economy

Francisco Miranda

Director, Portafolio


Francisco Miranda holds a degree in politics from Pontifical Xavierian University, a specialization in social economics from University of The Andes, and a master’s in public management from the University of Columbia. He has worked as a senior advisor to the Presidency on strategic communications and was manager at media agencies focused on corporate messaging. He was the editor for politics, economics, and business at Revista Semana and a columnist at El Tiempo.

Portafolio takes its reputation as the leading publisher of business news in Colombia seriously and focuses on maintaining its quality in changing times.

What responsibilities come with being the leading publisher of business news in Colombia?

Portafolio specializes in economic journalism and economic information. Our analysis combines social and economic factors of current events as we follow the transformations of the Colombian economy, which began even before the pandemic but were accelerated. One of the consequences of this acceleration was the change of the economic agenda of Colombia; factors that were not prioritized by the community or businesses before began to gain importance, such as labor tendencies, digital transformation, and the digitalization of the economy. The pandemic also created more conversation about the sustainability of our energy supplies. We are seeing changes in the economic agenda of governments, including the Colombian government. The discussion of the public economic agenda transformed and helped financial support and financial reactivation programs become more accessible. Currently, businesses and the state are prioritizing different agendas, and the work of Portafolio at the moment is to bring these different agendas to the readers and provide information about the topics regarding the national economy and business agenda. Our role is to cover the transformation that is taking place and deliver insightful, rigorous journalism.

How is the media evolving to provide quality content that is interesting and relevant given changes to the public’s attention span?

The economy began to be highly important in different media fronts and not only in specialized publications like Portafolio. Economic journalism has a long tradition in Colombia, and Portafolio will reach 29 years in 2021, being the leading publisher in the country for economy and business matters. Matters such as employment, inflation, cost of living, economic management, and the satisfaction of living standards are in the top-of-mind. We are seeing an interesting moment wherein readers are looking to get better information about the macro economy and also about business aspects, financial strategies, and the fight against inflation.

What makes international alliances key in order to deliver quality journalism?

The current moment that we are living in has emphasized the similarities between the economies of different countries around the world. This is precisely what Portafolio looks for with different alliances with foreign communications and content generators. We are the leader in Colombia for two main factors. The first one is our capacity to talk about the economy of Colombia truthfully and in a professional way. For our international audience, we are the path to understand and receive information about the economy of Colombia and Colombian businesses. The second factor is our capacity for persuasion. We need to strengthen the second and help Colombian sectors understand the avenues of contact that unite the economy with the rest of the world. This global connection is an important part of our strategy, and one key tool to create this is through alliances that we are working with.

What are the main ambitions for Portafolio in the mid to long term?

We want to maintain ourselves as the leaders of economic and business information in Colombia and carry on reaching out to the largest audience possible. The second objective is regarding our content and our commitment to our readers. We want our audience to receive information about the economy and business of Colombia that is useful for them when making business decisions and public decisions for businesses and for the people. We need to tell them about changes and give the professional information that helps to make these decisions. The third element is to confront these goals of the industry and keep adapting to the new platforms and ways of creating content to keep our commitment to our audience and reach audiences that are living far from economic information. We need to look at how we can persuade and make a way for this information to be useful for them too. In addition, we want to follow up on trends like digitalization, remote work, and start-ups; at the same time, we need to provide information regarding our macro economy and its situation within the different sectors. 



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