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Francisco Monteiro

ANGOLA - Economy

Francisco Monteiro

Chairman & CEO, Brimont


Francisco Monteiro is the Chairman and CEO of Brimont. He is an Angolan entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience throughout the oil and gas, business consultancy, aviation, media, and entertainment sectors

“If it exists in Angola, we know where it is and the best way to access it.”
Brimont is an Angolan multi-service company dedicated to procurement, consulting, HR solutions, real estate, energy, and life.
Could you elaborate on your main services in Angola and the company’s achievements of recent years?

As an oil and gas service provider, we focus on efficient solutions to for the industry in Angola. The six areas of business that we are currently dedicated to result from the substantial effort of development of activities over the years and the attention to the opportunities addressed to the local companies. When we started in 2016, procurement, consulting, and HR solutions were the services being delivered. Procurement is historically our main activity, representing over 50% of the business, resulting from having the capability to speak in detail about any requirement of end users from any project while meeting the best expectations regarding local content participation; if it exists in Angola, we know where it is and the best way to access it. If it is not available in Angola, we know where to get it from and ensure a compliant delivery. We also have a plant for the production of certain chemicals. Chemicals, including production specialties, represent the biggest family of products in our procurement services. The consultancy services that we provide are mostly related to market and feasibility studies as well as assisting companies looking to set up in Angola. We are well versed in project management and regularly assist companies in this area. Our real estate activity started in the first year of our activity, and since then we manage a few other facilities in Luanda and Soyo and have acquired asset management skills. The provision of dedicated facilities for accommodation, such as full-service guesthouses and specific residential solutions such as precautionary quarantine centers are part of our scope. Brimont Life is dedicated to the recuperative therapies and also focuses on telemedicine. The oil and gas sector in Angola focuses on two special criteria—local content and social responsibility—and Brimont being an Angolan company “ticks this box.” We quickly understood that being strictly compliant with general obligations such as tax and social security payments, training and job opportunities, environmental considerations, and so on was part of the excellence scrutiny of operators in terms of social responsibility. This is what we have done with Brimont Life, having established in 2018 an educational development center in Talatona dedicated to assisting special needs children and youths with education. Meanwhile, energy is the most recent business unit, and we focus on the implementation of renewable solutions, mostly solar. We have an engineering team well-versed in solar project design and implementation with deep knowledge of training to assure users of project maximization.

Brimont has become a member of the Association of Contracted Companies of the Oil Industry of Angola (AECIPA). What are your expectations of this new membership, and how will Brimont contribute to its development?

AECIPA is the most important association representing local companies that serve the oil and gas industry of Angola. Our mission as an associate is to contribute as deem necessary and possible. Our knowledge and industry perceptions resulting from the wide scope of services being delivered will add value to AECIPA actions toward the promotion of better conditions for local companies.

What would be your advice for other Angolan companies looking to either provide better services in Angola, or else go international?

To the ones looking to either provide better services in Angola or go international, they must realize that competition is global. The differentiation element is investment. Angola has the typical conditions of an emerging country: nothing is easy and much needs to be done, so we have to invest in many forms, such as time, capital, competencies, and more. When looking to develop a company and become a professional in any area, one has to bear in mind that the options around investment must have efficiency as the main goal. This is something we strive for at Brimont.



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