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Arman Kagarov

President, RTS Decaux

We are planning on entering new markets in Kazakhstan in cities that meet our criteria. We strictly follow our basic principles in terms of regional development to ensure a return on investment. We work in outdoor advertisement, focusing mainly on the street furniture segment. We work across Kazakhstan and offer our services in all the major cities. In Almaty and Astana, we have outdoor advertisement constructions that comply with international standards. We will carry on advancing the street furniture network in Almaty and Astana. We are fully aware of the need to install supplementary street furniture in some cities. With Astana and Almaty, we show off the potential and capacities that can be of use in other cities that are interested in improving visual frequency.

Xavier Verfaillie

Managing Director, BASF Central Asia

BASF is willing to develop its strategies in emerging markets like Africa, Russia, and CIS countries. We can bring a lot to a country with BASF’s portfolio and improve the needs of our clients here. My first job here is to establish the country concept for the Kazakhstani market in order to properly address it. We are establishing ourselves in the mining sector, yet we are also looking into other markets that we could potentially contribute BASF’s know-how to the benefit of Kazakhstan as a whole. I am convinced that we have the best technologies in the world, which can be applied in emerging markets to expedite their development.

Igor Girnyk

Country Manager, Dow Kazakhstan, Igor Girnyk

Dow has worked with customers in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry for the past 15 years. In 2012, we announced the establishment of a representation office in Astana to expand our local presence and level of regional customer support to supplement our global innovations in oil and gas chemistries. We have dedicated all our human resources into business development, because it is difficult for us and for Kazakhstani people to work from a distance. We need our staff to be at the project locations. For example, one of our local partners is launching a local mixing facility where Dow’s oil and gas solutions will be used. As the country works to expand its network of internal and export oil and gas pipelines to support industrial growth and meet global demand, the industry will need an array of sophisticated technologies to maintain these critical assets. Dow provides a range of chemicals and raw materials that can help meet these needs.

Kang Hoseop

President, LG Electronics Almaty Kazakhstan

Kazakhstanis have a greater technological perception than many other countries, and this explains the swift take-up of smartphones. In 2012, the smartphone market was between 40% and 50%, but today makes up almost 90% of the market. Customers are really quite eager to grab the latest technology, and that is why our strategy is not to forecast the lower end of the technological spectrum, but rather the high-end offering of the latest products. Kazakhstan’s swift adoption of the latest technology also encompasses ultra-HDTVs. I have spent eight years in India as well as some time in Egypt and the UAE, and I still conclude that Kazakhstan is highly promising for LG.



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