The Business Year

Bernardo Alexander

Vice-President of Sales, Werner Enterprises Mexico

Werner uses around 47 different Mexican carriers… and has a pool of up to 2,000 trailers dedicated to the country. We also have a temperature controlled division (TCU) flat beds, and intermodal services, all alongside Werner Global, which covers global freight by sea and air. Werner now has offices throughout the country, including all along the border with the US.

Maximiliano Zurita Llaca

General Director, CAF Mexico

CAF Mexico has become the leading provider of passenger trains in the country with the largest market share among all the players, and the company has experienced massive growth over the years, which led to the expansion of our manufacturing plant as well as our local services. One of our main priorities for the next few years is to finally set up a complete production chain in Mexico.

Jorge Torres

Vice-President Mexico, Jorge Torres

Mexico has the potential to continue growing in the world’s economy. That said, we can focus more closely on the level of infrastructure that we have in terms of highways, airports, and seaports. For us, that means we will continue capitalizing on what FedEx is earning and contributing back to the economy of the country.

Fernando Ramos Casas

President, Mexican Association of Intermodal Transport (AMTI)

AMTI is the intermediary between its partners and the government. We work heavily with customers in terms of regulations and information. We need to ensure that all the cargo that comes from the US goes directly to an intermodal terminal. Those terminals each have their own customs houses. We need to work with the customs in terms of arranging schedules. There are also some cargo types that cannot be introduced by intermodal services, and we need to coordinate them.



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