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Alejandro Reynal

CEO, Atento

Carlos Funes

CEO Mexico, Softtek

Which sectors are driving the demand for your services? ALEJANDRO REYNAL In Mexico, the majority of business comes from the telecommunications and finance sectors, and we are aiming to diversify […]

Which sectors are driving the demand for your services?

ALEJANDRO REYNAL In Mexico, the majority of business comes from the telecommunications and finance sectors, and we are aiming to diversify our offering. We have acquired clients in the airline sector that use our technology extensively, and the company has entered agreements with energy and consumer product companies.

CARLOS FUNES The top consumers of IT services are the financial and government sectors. In Latin America and North America, governments are strong consumers, and so a great share of our income comes from these segments. Other important sectors are the actual software companies, as well as companies involved in IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, commerce, and consumer goods.

What does Atento offer beyond call center services?

AR We follow one trend, which is the use of multi-channeled platforms. We are not only servicing the customer in voice terms but also online or in-store. In this way, we can concentrate on the interactions between our personnel and the customer. Atento aims to provide a unique view to our clients, whether it is a telecommunications company or a financial services company. Another trend we are following is the product service offer. We have started to concentrate on back office operations, which don’t require voice services. When you call the mobile company or a bank, those are front office transactions. At times, there are transactions that happen beyond those initial conversations, and this is our back office. Atento is entering the market of less non-voice transactions in the back office.

You’ve started applying a new business model called One Softtek. What impact has it had on your operational model?

CF The One Softtek model means always delivering the same degree of service to every client. No matter what part of the world they might be, they can always rely on the same level of service and the same experience wherever they are. This is a model that has made a tremendous impact, and we’ve reached economies of scale. If we have an expert in collaboration technology servicing the US, we place them in the Application Development group to replicate this knowledge in other countries. We continue to have vertical segmentation in countries, but our delivery model turned global. We have application development, application management, and information management practices going to different countries in the roll out, mainly Mexico and the US.

What opportunities do you see in Latin America and globally for the future of the company?

AR Globally, I feel we have a lot of room to grow. We want to be perceived as the most admired company within our sector—admired by our employees, clients, shareholders, and society. This seems simple, but we want to achieve what we promise to our clients, respect our employees, and treat them with fairness, meet the financial targets of our shareholders, and continue to generate employment for society. Besides this vision, we want to continue to have profitable growth, which means entering new markets and business segments and expanding our product portfolio.

CF Today, software is a vital part of any industry. Our main focus will be the applications market; we are going to focus on systems and software. We will go much deeper in each industry segment, and not necessarily go into infrastructure. Instead, the company is working to remain in the applications market. The challenge for Softtek in Mexico and Latin America is to move from being a supplier that knows about systems, to one that understands the client best. We see tremendous market potential, and our challenge in the region is to have the capability to develop people and ensure that we can replicate these models throughout the Latin America region. We firmly believe that the company must evolve from IT to business technology, a great opportunity for Softtek, Mexico, and the region.



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