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Gladiomar Hernández Sánchez

MEXICO - Energy & Mining

Gas stations 4.0



A businesswoman, speaker, and consultant, Gladiomar Hernández Sánchez has been CEO of HACSYS, a consulting and technology company for the downstream energy industry specialized in retail of oil and gas, for three years. She has more than 20 years of experience in the creation of business transformation strategies and has consulted companies such as OxxoGAS, Oxxo, Xignux, GE, DeAcero, Banorte, CANACO, COPARMEX, and CANCINTRA.

HACSYS is helping lead the digital transformation of the energy industry.

Which changes are you seeing as a result of companies embracing new technologies?

The results depend on the amount of time in the implementation of the technologies. For example, in the automotive industry where technology is immersed in each of its processes, there is a fair amount of innovation, which helps achieve higher and higher incomes. These companies are already in industry 4.0 mode with innovation labs and creating patents for robotics or the use of new materials. In a rapidly changing industry like the automotive sector, these innovations are taking shape more quickly. New technologies are the vehicle for growth and permanence in the future. However, other industries are still in early stages where the application of technology is slower, the processes are less efficient, and their competitiveness is lower, which lowers incomes and even causes companies to disappear. Technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT, and predictive data analysis allow companies to have a better understanding of customer needs, creating trust and loyalty to generate mutual benefits. HACSYS it a leader in digital transformation in the energy industry; we are currently participating in the Nuevo León 4.0 initiative to be an intelligent state. The most business in technology in Nuevo León is in IoT, manufacturing processes, and robotics. At HACSYS, we also see great potential in data analytics, predictive maintenance, and machine learning.

What kind of investments are still needed in Mexico to boost the IT sector?

Mexico needs to invest more in business angels and venture capital firms that invest in projects and offer experience, knowledge, and guidance to SMEs and research into new technology start-ups that can then be applied to industries that boost the patent inventory in Mexico. We need to bear in mind that most Mexican companies are SMEs, which are adaptive and can innovate and implement new changes. However, SMEs often do not have the financial muscle that larger companies do. Public investment in SMEs’ digitalization should be encouraged, and access to bank credit should be eased.

What is your view of the digitalization of the oil and gas sector?

After the energy reform, the industry had to launch an intense transformation across many processes. The oil and gas sector must be digital in order to be competitive, and the arrival of new foreign brands has been a challenge for Mexican ones. The sector also needs to be transformed in order to implement new technologies that can meet regulations coming in place in January 2020. HACSYS is revolutionizing the oil and gas sector, and our 16 years of experience with our team of innovation experts have helped build the S3 Smart Service Station, converting them from a traditional to a multimodal model that can operate different product options (gas, oil, hydrogen, electricity). This model uses a whole new ecosystem of software that will help transform the service station to renewables over time. The main challenge in the digital transformation is building an ecosystem in which the government, companies, universities, and society can work together to technologically change Mexico.



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