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George Maalouf

SAUDI ARABIA - Telecoms & IT

George Maalouf

Country Manager, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, EverteamGS-Intalio


With more than 20 years of experience in the field of technology, George Maalouf has a proven track record of long-term success and proactive leadership in sales and business operations. His engagement in the KSA market has made him a valuable expert and consultant in automation and content services platforms, especially in the digitalization of government entities. He strategically supports customers to meet their goals with his knowledge and expertise in designing an overall integrated platform, providing them with a more knowledge-centric, organized, and proactive work environment.

“Since our field is mainly focused on digital transformation, we witnessed rapidly growing demand for our services and were among the very few that were not affected by COVID-19, specifically in terms of revenue.“

How did EverteamGS-Intalio’s product perform during the pandemic?

Since our field is mainly focused on digital transformation, we witnessed rapidly growing demand for our services and were among the very few that were not affected by COVID-19, specifically in terms of revenue. Our focus in 2020, as well as in previous years, was on the government sector, with 80% of our total revenue sourced from the public segment. That said, the challenging part of 2020 was not the pandemic as much as the fact that the public sector takes time to make decisions or award a project. However, with the efforts of the whole team, we saw a solid profit and revenue in 2020, and the work we did that year bore fruit in 2021, as we started with a strong 1Q2021.

Have requests from the public sector translated into more business?

All the sales in 2020 were from the last quarter; companies started wrapping up their projects in February and March and awarded some of them in November and December. We are still seeing the effects to date, which reflected positively on a great 1Q2021. While requests from the public sector are slow, I expect an increase in business from this year forward, especially after the pandemic has reshaped our reality. Everyone is beginning to understand the importance of digital transformation and are actively working on making this happen. Most, if not all, of the companies are working into going digital, which is the core of our offering.

What is it about your product offering that allows you to address the needs of the Saudi public sector at a time like this?

To digitally transform any business, one has to focus on enterprise content management, followed by managing the workflow, automation, correspondences tracking system, and so on. These are the verticals on top of the horizontal layer. Then, you start doing analytics and add AI to start extracting the right information. That is, in a nutshell, what we do. If we look at Vision 2030, specifically the part that has to do with digitalization and automation, our company has a great deal to contribute there. Our brand motto is to get inside the government and automate everything. We help it extract the proper information from its data, which places us squarely at the heart of it.

Are you adapting to the new directives within government, like the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA)?

SDAIA is one of our clients, and we are adopting everything SDAIA does, from AI and machine learning to cognitive services. For example, we have developed a platform that is the first of its type in the region for the General Court of Audits (GCA). Its role is to audit the financial transactions of all government and semi-government organizations. Not long ago, GCA used to receive huge boxes of physical papers from 1,024 entities every month. We have automated the entire audit process. We have so far connected more than 700 entities to the GCA audit platform, making it the largest government platform in the area and only available in Saudi Arabia. It was carried out over five phases and is still ongoing to date. And since financial audits must be confidential, the whole thing is hosted on a private cloud. The backend is all run on big data, which we are adopting along with machine learning and AI, all embedded within our platform.

Are you seeing more centralized procurement for such service and similar ones across government agencies?

The government is centralizing all tenders and projects under the Electronic Government Procurement System (ETIMAD). All government tenders are in one place, and when everything is centralized, it is better for transparency. We currently do a great deal of bidding on those tenders and have three or four partners that we are working with currently. œ–



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