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OMAN - Telecoms & IT

George P Rajan

General Manager, Adventz


George P Rajan is a turnaround specialist and multi-cultural people manager with 17-plus years of experience in sales and marketing, business development, and operational excellence. He is currently associated with Adventz Agency, working in the capacity of General Manager, based out of Oman, having previously successfully handled roles in the UAE and India in the past.

"People are gradually but steadily realizing the significance of digital marketing."
Adventz media is one of the most prominent digital media design houses in Oman, providing a complete suite of services including websites, social media marketing, media buying, mobile application development, and branding.
How has Adventz evolved since its inception in 2009?

The company was founded in 2009. Until 2017, we merely focused on website design and development. Since the boom of social media marketing and mobile application development, we have hired professionals to handle social media marketing, media buying, and app development. The team has since grown, and we are now a fully-fledged advertising agency that not only provides websites, but also social media marketing, media buying, mobile application development, and branding. In 2022, we transitioned from providing services to providing products; E-Raffle and Go Monitor are two of our products. E-Raffle makes conducting raffle draws more efficient, simple, and seamless by digitalizing the entire process, while Go-Monitor is a viable solution for managing and monitoring website downtime errors or technical problems.

What is your view of the current state of marketing and advertising in Oman?

People are gradually but steadily realizing the significance of digital marketing. Companies used to design websites solely for the purpose of information and used ready-made templates; however, many now realize they require a solid website in order to conduct effective digital marketing. Google monitors how good a company’s website is, how responsive it is, and how optimized it is for mobile phones. As we look at the shift in digital trends, one of the most supporting marketing platforms has been Google Ads. Whether it is B2C or may it be B2B, various ads such as Search and Display, these ads have enabled our clients to scale their business online. Search ads are highly intent-based and are best matched with customers who are already in the buying stage. Display ads have a mass reach throughout the 99% of the world with web, hence creating awareness and generating a significant number of leads online. But while paid media is important, search engine optimization is the foundation of any given business as it allows a business to organically grow and rank on Google’s search engine results, gaining great trust amongst customers and having a conversion rate of at least 20-30% for a given business. Our expertise in SEO has boosted many industries search visibility online with stable rankings and retention levels.

How does the company employ innovation in its operations?

We have been doing website design and development for years; however, we saw a significant gap when it came to website monitoring; for example, a company website can be hacked or some of the features/pages may not work, and it might not be noticed immediately. If an entire business is run online, this is a major issue because a company can lose sales even in one hour. As a result, we identified a market gap and developed Go Monitor. This provides 24/7 monitoring of a website, servers, and APIs such as payment gateways or APIs related to ERP, and sends alerts if anything goes wrong with it. Users immediately receive an email or SMS notification informing them if their website is down.

What are your strengths and competitive advantages?

Our team members have extensive market knowledge, from conceptualization to final approvals and maintaining vital client relationships. Our team believes in constant learning and is up-to-date with certifications with the latest industrial trend which is the foundation of a high-performing business and ethics. We innovate to go above and beyond the specifications. With access to critical analytical tools and techniques, as well as being a privileged Google Partner, we are able to provide our clients with highly qualified and best-in-class content, strategies, and additional optimizations.

What are your short-term aspirations, and where would you like to see the company in a few years?

In 2023, we plan to expand into the Saudi Arabia and Qatar markets. We are a company that believes in contributing to the country’s human capital development in order to boost productivity in the Omani economy. By hiring and training locals, we are focusing more on providing opportunities to the local talent in Oman.



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