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COLOMBIA - Economy

Germán Alberto Segura

General Manager, Corredor Empresarial


Germán Alberto Segura Vásquez is the General Manager of Corredor Empresarial. He is an industrial engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the betting and gaming industry. Prior to this, he managed customer relationships for Winner-Cirsa. Later, he went on to work at Codere for eight years, managing the company’s operations across Colombia. He also worked for Codere in Italy and Mexico. At Corredor Empresarial, he is responsible for managing the most innovative games in Colombia, such as SUPERastro. He also helped launch the number-one sports betting platform in Colombia.

"At Corredor Empresarial, social responsibility is integral to our various initiatives."

Germán Alberto Segura, General Manager of Corredor Empresarial, talks to TBY about the firm’s role in the entertainment sector, aligning the brand with football stars, and battling informality in betting.

What is Corredor Empresarial’s role in the entertainment sector, and how has it evolved in the past year?

Corredor Empresarial is the brand that currently manages BetPlay. Over the last few years, we put in great effort into growing and are now one of the biggest gambling companies in Colombia. We represent 58% of the online betting market, with almost 16 betting sites in the country. This has been possible thanks to our stakeholders’ and board’s support, which allowed us to develop our technology. In the last two years, we worked on growing our technological equipment to make it more specialised and bring in all the knowledge we need to Colombian players. We also worked on advertising, and in four years, we have become the biggest betting company in Colombia. We moved from third place to number one for players and nonplayers in the betting category, all of it as a result of media campaigns, supporting sports, TV spots, and social media. We have invested heavily in Colombia, enabling more people to connect with us and providing the company with a larger presence.

In addition to aligning the brand with football stars, what other strategies and tools is the company utilizing to establish its positioning?

We are focused on technology and supporting sports. We have been supporting the major football leagues in Colombia, both men and women’s leagues and the A and B divisions, for four years. We support other sports as well, and this has enabled us to become top of mind among Colombians, including those who bet and those who do not. Our investments in the region have grown as well. Corredor Empresarial has a strong presence in every municipality in Colombia due to its networks and is present in more than 50,000 selling points. We also offer our sales digitally, though our large physical presence is our key strength. Physical bets in our outlets comprise 70% of sales, while digital is the remaining 30%. The latter has been slowly growing from 5% before, and we are gradually expanding our digital channels to earn more and grow our presence further.

What is the impact of your global vision project in terms of the community and society?

At Corredor Empresarial, social responsibility is integral to our various initiatives. For instance, our global vision involves company staff sponsoring children, a reflection of our deeply ingrained commitment. In the past two years, we’ve expanded our focus to responsible gambling, offering an independent program for players to monitor their spending habits and seek psychological assistance if needed. Contrary to perceptions, we genuinely care about addressing gambling addiction, aiming for people to view it as entertainment. Furthermore, we actively support sports schools, ensuring children receive education, nourishment, and access to sports teachers. Our contributions also extend to constructing football fields in Colombia, all aligned with our overarching goal of consistently supporting those who need it the most.

How has Corredor Empresarial battled informality in betting?

From the beginning, we have worked closely with the betting regulation entity in the government. It is easy to find illegal betting stores in Bogotá, and we keep asking the state to regulate this and implement more serious measures. We encourage greater legal oversight not only in terms of online betting but also with raffles. The government should better manage this because it represents tax evasion, and there should be more penalties for those companies taking part in such activities.

Does the company have plans to expand to other countries in Latin America?

Currently, the company does not have plans to expand to other countries in Latin America, but there is a desire to do so. Significant efforts have been made to pave the way for expansion, and the board of directors and stakeholders are aware of the company’s aspiration to establish a presence in Latin America. The goal is to extend operations to four more countries, and with the right approach, success is anticipated.



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