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Gianluca Priori

SPAIN - Tourism

Gianluca Priori

General Manager, Jumeirah Port Sóller Hotel Hotel & Spa


Gianluca Priori joined us as General Manager at Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa, on the February 17, 2020. He most recently held the position of General Manager at the Hyatt Paris Madeline, a luxury boutique hotel where he was responsible for the renovation, repositioning and rebranding of the property. Gianluca brings with him more than 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry in Italy and France, most recently at Hyatt, previously with the Four Seasons and three years at Capri Palace Hotel & Spa.

“Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts has furthered its commitment by incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal methodology to our projects and many of their key focus areas.“

What was the journey of establishing the Jumeirah Port Sóller Hotel in Mallorca like, and what have been some of its highlights?

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts signed the first contracts to start the construction of Jumeirah Port Soller back in 2007. Due to the particularities of this location standing on top of the cliffs of Port de Sóller, construction planning was a lengthy process. It took five years for the hotel to open its doors for the first time in 2012. Mallorca has a huge potential, its rich history, cultural heritage, and stunning landscapes make it an ideal travel destination. We are privileged to enjoy such a magnificent location, as there is no equivalent on the island in terms of layout and views. This was one of the main factors behind Jumeirah’s decision to come to Mallorca. Jumeirah is a Dubai-based company that started to expand internationally a few decades ago, aiming to create a network of connectable destinations. Today, Jumeirah is a Dubai national champion and an acclaimed luxury hospitality leader—operating 24 Jumeirah branded properties in eight countries. For the last three years, since our CEO Jose Silva came on board, there has been a clear vision of where to position the company; our commitment is to be amongst the five most luxurious hotel companies in the world.

How does Jumeirah Port Sóller work to make its offering for tourists stand out given Mallorca’s great hotel base?

Our core pillars include Service beyond expectations; an unmatched redefined architecture and design; and elevating the guest experience through dining. At Jumeirah Port Soller we pride ourselves in providing understated luxury in spaces designed to make every stay truly unforgettable. The Mallorcan experience is enhanced through warm hospitality, luxurious atmospheres, and a sense of place every corner of the hotel exudes. Our guests stay for four days on average, and we have created inviting experiences for them to make the most of their stay. We created three different gastronomic journeys: creative tapas, Nikkei cuisine dishes combined with premium mixology and the highest quality local seafood that profoundly connects guests with the Mediterranean culture. All within an ambience and social gathering environment that elevates the experience. Our Talise Spa has an impressive area of 2,000sqm, for both guests and local visitors. We provide a wholesome self-care experience through a portfolio of treatments using the vegan brand Sodashi. This has been quite an innovative partnership in the market since we are the only Spa in Spain where you can find this brand that focuses on nurturing mind, body, spirit, and emotions. The new traveler is looking for discovery, guests want to feel the connection to the local culture, get to know the history, and experience the traditions firsthand. On this part of the island there are a plethora of mountain and water sports. Soller is also an artist’s enclave where ceramics, painting and other disciplines are part of day-to-day life. This is why we have formed partnerships with local artisans to develop workshops on site. In addition, we exhibit a wide range of locally inspired art pieces.

How do you balance sustainability and digitalization, while still maintaining a high hospitality standard for clients?

At Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts, we recognize and respect our responsibilities and obligations with the preservation of the environment. We understand and are committed to the protection of the natural resources for our communities and future generations. At Jumeirah Port Soller this is very much one of our key focuses. Starting with our origins, our structure is one of the eco-friendliest buildings on the island, and we take pride in that. We received an Award in 2020 recognizing us within the top 10 rehabilitation architectural projects in Spain. Every year we take further steps in to minimize our impact without compromising our service. In 2021, we installed several digital features across rooms and restaurants that significantly reduced our paper waste. In 2022 we are planning to get rid of traditional key cards to access guest rooms by introducing a digital card that can be accessed through the guests’ phone. We are looking into creating a full paperless experience also minimizing our paper invoices. For this, facial recognition seems to be the next step to make the guest experience seamless and eco-friendly. Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts has furthered its commitment by incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal methodology to our projects and many of their key focus areas.

2022 will likely be marked by the recovery of tourism. What will be your priorities in this context for Jumeirah Port Sóller?

We want to make experiences at the hotel even more memorable by improving our services and increasing the cultural connection to the island. Placing the guest at the center of all we do is a top priority. We are focusing on elevating our already exceptional standards and taking time to design authentic experiences and alliances that will bring our guests closer to the island through personalized activities that create unforgettable memories.



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