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DG Impianti

MEXICO - Energy & Mining

Giuliano Cacciatore

Former CEO, DG Impianti


Giuliano Cacciatore has over 17 years of experience in the oil and gas sector in Europe, North and West Africa, and Israel. He has previously worked in companies such as Schlumberger and General Electric. Cacciatore specializes in advising foreign companies entering the Mexican market. He founded his own firm in 2015 to support foreign companies interested in investing in and entering the Mexican oil and gas market.

"DG Impianti is part of Italfluid Group though we are two separate companies."
As a specialized EPC contractor in oil and gas, DG Impianti offers its strategic expertise and technologies to help companies enhance their operations and reduce emissions.
What is your perception of the current state of Mexico’s energy sector?

The industry is heading in a good direction that is amplifying the resources that for many years were hamstringed by politics. Now, there are important projects in the implementation and stimulation of natural gas and oil in the mature fields. This will help the industry to achieve more production without a large investment. That means that the companies with the know-how and types of equipment to provide such services can implement this kind of investment that the government is set to undertake. Therefore, the opportunity lies in working on existing mature oil and gas fields in both land and also offshore because it will translate to low costs and high revenue if done correctly.

Can you elaborate more on your expansion plans?

DG Impianti is part of Italfluid Group though we are two separate companies. DG Impianti undertakes the engineering, procurement, construction, and, more importantly, management in the oil and gas industry. We are an EPC contractor and work with private international companies such as Eni, Hokchi Energy, and Fieldwood. The other company is Italfluid Mexico, which specializes in cold tubing services, triplex pump services, early production facilities, and pumping and stimulation services, boasting many years of experience in the more challenging areas of the world. I saw an opportunity to implement the business for this company. Now, we are two separate companies that work in the face of great challenges and opportunities every day. With more business comes more responsibility, which in turn requires more dedicated and qualified personnel. So, we have welcomed new people to the company in recent years who are now focused on Mexico. We are amplifying or implementing the structure with particular strategic positions using qualified people, especially those with worldwide experience that can be transferred to Mexico and our team.

What do you hope the next administration brings to Mexico’s energy market?

The election outcome is not really the issue—what matters is for the oil and gas and energy business to remain headed in the right direction. There have been numerous positive developments during the current administration, and the next administration has to continue with similar efforts. The great thing about the current administration is that it has clear goals; it knew from the beginning where it wanted to invest fund in and where it wanted to apply the energy. It did not waste any energy, money, or time; however, Mexico currently needs to open the sector up further to the private sector and international participation. There are several technologies that can reduce pollution at refineries or improve the production of oil and gas in mature fields. DG Impianti knows how to deliver such services, having done so around the world. The next administration has to preserve what has been done in the past few years and work on improving and implementing the fields that have been in existence for many years by providing the right maintenance and technology to improve production and reduce pollution for any product produced by a refinery.

What are your priorities for the coming year?

From a business point of view, we want to improve our business operations. We would also like to introduce additional technologies from around the world that can be implemented in the market. The focus is to make things better for the country, people, and our company. There are opportunities in wells and areas that have been around for 30-40 years but are currently seeing reduced production levels. With some investment and attention, we can improve production whereby the ratio of investment costs and opportunities makes it logical to do. We hope to find the right way to deliver this message to the right people in government and the sector itself. It is important to not always do the new, but also renew what you have already done.



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