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Gonzalo Léon S.

ECUADOR - Transport

GLS Constructors

General Manager, GLS Constructors


Gonzalo Léon S. founded GLS Constructores in 1996 and has been involved in many development projects for residential, commercial, and
business purposes. He recently founded GLS Tech, a school for robotics.

TBY talks to Gonzalo Léon S., General Manager of GLS Constructors.

What are the main trends in the real estate market, and what are your signature projects?

The majority of our focus has been on middle-class and upper-middle-class clients and markets, as well as on building offices; however, in the current economic climate, the real estate industry is in a descending cycle and the prices have dropped, particularly hitting our target markets. As a result, we have taken some technological and financial measures and also focused on buying new products. We are targeting the middle-class segment with small and comfortable housing solutions backed with good prices and easy payments. Under this strategy, clients can buy properties with a 10-15% downpayment, while the rest can be financed through national or private banks.

How do you approach environmental sustainability in your projects?

Naia, an upper middle-class project, is an eco-efficient project that will be completed in December 2018. For Naia, we are emphasizing electric saving, reusing rainwater, and creating sustainable areas such as gardens and green spaces. We are also implementing bike parking spaces. The Prado de San Mateo project will be completed in phases, with a plan to complete 55-60 apartments every three months.

What are your expectations for the sector?

The real estate sector is a barometer of any country’s development and economic progress. If construction towers are visible across a city, it would be fair to presume that its economy is booming. The growth of the real estate sector relies on the economic growth of the country, foreign investments, the credibility that those companies have in the country, and government policies that allow people to invest in the country. Once a government provides safety, confidence, and stability, economic prosperity follows.

Could you tell us more about your new projects, GLS Tech — the robotics school?

Intellectual richness and knowledge are paramount and without them, growth and advancement are impossible. Knowledge is the base of the development of all countries and GLS Tech was born as a way to help society, not as a business. It is a social promise as a businessperson, so people can acquire education on new technologies. The aim is for young people to look for the new tendencies in society, especially so the children can decide at an early age what they want to study.



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