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Abdul Rahman Ahmed

SAUDI ARABIA - Green Economy

Great Future Ahead

General Manager, ETLCO


€‹TBY talks to Abdul Rahman Ahmed, General Manager of ETLCO, on the green economy sector.

What is the history of ETLCO?

Our growth started over 33 years ago with RC Holding and followed the major developments in departmental government growth, such as Saudi Aramco. We got our own particular start in 2009, opening offices in Jubail. We started growing while providing our services to RC and Saudi Aramco. After that, we moved to our current head office; in the future we plan to open offices in Riyadh and Jeddah, among others. We cooperate with companies from Spain, the UK, the US, and Switzerland. We are on the right track, though it took some time for the Saudi government to decide to join the environmental international agreements and communities, a move that is accelerating the need for environmental developments. There is a great future ahead for the environmental sector in Saudi Arabia.

What have been the major developments of the company?

In the beginning, there were only six of us; now we have 120 employees. We have five mobile stations and a major laboratory in Saudi Arabia. We are starting a new business in odor management related to containing the smells and noises in industrial plants. We are the only company in the Middle East with this kind of engineering lab.

How are you improving the environmental quality of communities?

We share and present ourselves to main clients and attend all exhibitions, as well as listen to all government plans. When we go to a site, we advise our clients on what they must do. In addition, we train workers in environmental safety and educate people in the field in areas such as how to store chemicals or correctly transport them so that they will not affect the environment.

What type of companies require your services?

Any company working in an industrial city that requires a license from the government to certify they are qualified in environment protection.



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