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Sabah Almutlaq

Chairman, Alfanar Projects

Alfanar was established in 1976, and since then, we have been operating in different sectors, though our main operation is in the industrial sector, where we manufacture different products related to construction, mainly for residential and commercial construction and transmission and distribution grids. We are also active in project management, engineering, after-sales services, maintenance, and operations. We are currently one of the major players in Saudi Arabia in the sustainable field, and we are also active in different parts of the world when it comes to sustainability, circular economy, new sources of energy, and technology. We have offices and operations in different parts of the world such as Europe, India, and the MENA region. Alfanar is always cognizant of the disruptive changes that can quickly alter the industry dynamics. We are strategically, a very nimble organization, which allows us to revisit our growth strategy whenever needed with the aim of aligning our resources, our skill sets to the changing market requirements. We also work closely with our clients which helps us in anticipating any major shifts that may happen at client end and prepare ourselves by building the necessary capabilities to manage these changes.

Mohamed Shaheen

CEO, Schneider Electric

Sustainability is at the heart of Vision 2030 and with the Saudi Green Initiative aiming to reverse environmental degradation and climate change through an extensive reforestation project and a shift to the use of renewable energy resources. In the face of heightened climate change and risks, Schneider Electric continues to accelerate on its commitments and business strategy in Saudi Arabia. Sustainable digital innovation, powering our lives through smart green energy is the fastest way to decarbonize buildings, homes, data centers, infrastructure, and grids. A decade ago, we started on our journey to offer our customers smarter, more digitalized solutions, and support them along their transformation journeys from conventional to a true diversified digital society. Today, we are in the right place in Saudi Arabia, where we share a common vision with the right partners: Vision 2030 to digitalize everything and create smart cities. For us, digitizing Saudi Arabia is a unique experience, transforming all aspects of daily life, including governmental services, through online platforms such as Tawakkalna and Sehaty. We are aligned with the government’s Vision 2030, and we employ world-leading process and technologies to bridge progress and sustainability for all.

Hideyuki Yamagata

Country Representative for Saudi Arabia, Mitsubishi Corporation

Since the establishment of the Mitsubishi office in the Kingdom in 1969, we have developed our businesses in various segments such as petrochemicals, power generation, automobiles, and food, while our current focus is in the area of carbon neutral or circular carbon energy. Saudi Arabia is developing the area of clean fuel or carbon-neutral energy such as hydrogen and ammonia rapidly, with competitive renewable energy and huge CCUS potential aiming to be a global leader in this new field as well. We see many potential opportunities in it. It is exciting to see a dynamism, development and changes of the Kingdom under Vision 2030. It will be even more exciting if we could be a part of it. Mitsubishi Corporation has established and expanded various businesses in the Kingdom for many years and it was not possible without strong and reliable partnership with Saudi Arabia and Saudi companies. SHARQ is also an excellent proof that both Japan and Saudi Arabia can have a long-lasting partnership. Having long history and various area of businesses in the Kingdom, we wish to contribute to Vision 2030, especially in the area of circular carbon economy with reliable Saudi partners.



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