The Business Year

Jamaica offers entrepreneurs an excellent ground to implement their products and services before expanding further into the region.

Carlinton Burrell

CEO, Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC)

Climate change has already started to affect the region in severe ways, and our center seeks to drive innovation within the climate sector. We do business workshops and sessions to develop ideas and solutions to counter the adverse effects of climate change in Jamaica, whether it is through mitigation or building resilience. We have several entrepreneurs within a number of programs. We do business development training to ensure companies have the knowledge that is required. We encourage partnership and have mentorship programs. We partnered with the University of Technology because it has a master’s program where its students are enrolled in a climate change sustainable development and energy program. We took in about 50-60% of its students so they could do their internships with us. CCIC is also a key partner of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women to raise the numbers of female entrepreneurs.

Leanne Spence

Director & Co-Founder, Instant Save Conservation Solutions

Our vision at Instant Save Conservation is to be the premier source of water efficiency and conservation solutions for every home, business, and institution in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. We are distributors and service providers of ultra-efficient conservation tools and solutions, using climate resilient technologies that embrace environmentally friendly practices: saving water, energy, and the environment. We stand out by offering the whole installation experience from inception and needs analysis, where we do property inspections, interviews to learn our client’s hard-hitting challenges and design projects around that. Jamaicans often prioritize energy-related savings, neglecting water, though saving water is saving energy. Adopting water management strategies that reduce demand for water is necessary for Jamaica’s vision of becoming a green economy; furthermore, reducing water use means increased water available for the country with less vulnerability to droughts and the risk of water scarcity.

Suzanne Shaw

Co-Founder, Suzanne Shaw

We saw a need to envisage business and investment through a different lens. In Jamaica and the Caribbean, too often business and economic decisions are made with a short-term focus and narrow view of profitability. The Leap Co. was created to focus on working with impact businesses—businesses that generate a measurable environmental and/or social impact alongside solid financial returns, thus creating value for shareholders as well as the wider economy—and investing in them. The impact investment sector is growing at a rate of approximately 20% per year, as more investors seek not only to derive capital gain from their investments but also to use their money to achieve positive economic, environmental and social impacts. Our primary areas of focus, as they relate to impact investment, are sustainable energy, climate resilience, and the circular economy. We also have an advisory services arm, providing strategic advice on how to structure and maximize social or environmental impact within the business model.

Denell Florius

Co-Founder & CEO, EcoCarib Inc.

EcoCarib Inc. is a Caribbean-based green technology services company that specializes in solar renewable energy to help solve the Caribbean’s problem of high energy costs and aid the region’s transition to a more sustainable green future. EcoCarib has won a number of awards, including the Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Program Award in 2017, the Saint Lucia Prime Minister Award for Innovation in Green Energy 2018, and the OAS Certificate of Recognition for Entrepreneurship Innovation at ACE 10 in 2018. We were selected as one of OECS 30 under 30 Businesses in 2017. We also won The Get in the Ring Wildcard Competition in 2018. Ecocarib will serve the Caribbean markets by catalyzing the region’s transition to be completely powered by renewable energy. Our company thrives on partnerships, and we seek to work with solar installers, investors, and utilities throughout the region. Our main goal for 2019 is to continue scaling our technology throughout the Caribbean and to provide millions in savings and revenue for our clients and partners.



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