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Guido Paez Puga

ECUADOR - Industry

Guido Paez Puga

CEO, Crilamyt


Guido Paez Puga was appointed CEO of Crilamyt in 2021. He is an economist and has a background in finance and commercial areas with more than 30 years of experience. He has a degree in business administration from Winthrop University in the US. He was formerly government commercial manager at Telefónica Ecuador after being CEO of Mercedes Benz in Ecuador for 15 years.

Crilamyt has worked hard to become the leaders in laminated glass for structural buildings and automobile manufacturing in Ecuador.

What values have the company maintained since it was founded?

One thing that this company has demonstrated over the years is that we have not lost our identity. That is reflected within the group of people that work and collaborate everyday with Crilamyt. There are people who have been here for 30-35 years. This is a family company that is looking to adapt to modern times and has moved to a corporate governance model. Therefore, we hired an outside professional business administrator. Crilamyt is recognized as an experienced and highly professional company that pioneered the automotive glass industry in the country. We are the leaders in selling laminated glass for structural buildings in different segments and windshields for vehicles, which is our core business at the moment. My responsibility is to lead the company to new times, without losing, by any means, the DNA that has been carried over 44 years.

What role does innovation play, and how are you helping the company be more competitive?

The first thing that we are doing is looking internally and making sure the production process is as efficient and effective as possible. We want to ensure that we run smooth production lines with no glitches; we are currently competing with countries that have different production economies of scales such as China, Mexico, and Brazil; and we all are required to comply with the same legal regulations. Unfortunately, currently in Ecuador competition is not fair, as several importers are misusing certain duty regulations, which puts us at a critical disadvantage.

What is behind the Crilamyt’s accomplishment in becoming the market leader?

Quality and experience. We have 44 years of compromise with our customers with the knowledge that we must deliver a safe and high-quality product. We use the best raw materials available on the market and are constantly upgrading our equipment in our production lines in order to comply with our commitment to our customers. Crilamyt is currently an original equipment manufacturer company (OEM) for local vehicle assembly lines like KIA and Hyundai. We comply with national and international product standards contained under ISO9001 and INEN 1669 certifications.

How do you plan to position Crilamyt on the international stage in the coming years?

Crilamyt seeks to become an extremely efficient and competitive company in the future. We will develop new commercial products inherent to our core business. We also want to maintain our local leadership but will be looking for business opportunities within the region. We have the experience and spirit required to go international and compete with high-quality products and customer service. Currently, we are providing glass to the Medellín bus rapid transport system in Colombia.



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