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MEXICO - Agriculture

Guilherme Secamilli

CEO Mexico, The Kraft Heinz Company


Guilherme Secamilli was appointed CEO of The Kraft Heinz Company Mexico in 2019. He has led it to double-digit growth during his leadership. He has more than 20 years of experience in the FMCG industry with a focus on the food and beverage sector. He has been a key player in the success of the companies in which he has collaborated, leading teams mainly in the commercial area, both in his native Brazil and in Mexico.

“About 92% of our total sales globally is produced in our plant in Mexico.”

A major market for Kraft Heinz regionally and globally, Mexico has grown to become a leading country not only in terms of sales, but also in the development of new products and exports.

What is the importance of the Mexican market for this global brand?

Kraft Heinz is one of the leading food and beverage companies in the world. We started production in Mexico in 2005 through a company we acquired here. Since then, we have only continued to accelerate. Mexico is one of our global priorities, not just within Latin America, but internationally as well. It is a market that is worth around USD4 billion just within the sauce and spices category. Therefore, it is closely connected to our priorities, categories, and products. It is a market that grows every year, meaning Mexico is definitely a priority for us. It is highly connected to our product categories, and it is the second-largest market in Latin America.

Kraft is currently investing heavily in innovation and distribution in Mexico. Can you elaborate more on that?

In 2020, we drafted a five-year plan in which we set a goal to double the size of the company by 2025. However, the team had more ambitious plans and is currently on track to deliver the results originally set for 2025 two years ahead of time. In just three years, we will have doubled the size of the company, and now the plan for 2025 will be to triple it. The question is: How are we being able to deliver it? There is no magic formula, though if I had to list the ingredients, the first one would be people. We invest largely in our people and in furthering their growth, but we also bring in great talent in the market. Bringing in talent, investing in our people, and defining the team will deliver results, because one person cannot deliver anything on their own. You need a strong team, which is what we have, along with a strong work culture.

What strategies does the company use to continue innovating in the local market?

We listen to our consumers and get our marketing team in sync with them. In addition, we want to keep increasing our investment in marketing until 2025, because we understand the importance of listening to consumers and understanding not only what they tell you but their actual needs. We adapt our formulas to the local market and deliver products that tap into Mexican cuisine. Another cornerstone is the digital transformation we are going through. We still have a long way to go, and there is still valuable experiences to gather from the pandemic. We have invested heavily in tools to automate everything, which in turn, makes us agile. We have a presence in more than 160 countries and are constantly looking at how to adapt our portfolio to the needs of each country. We have to take a closer look at why a product that was successful in Brazil is not in Mexico and vice versa, for example. We also consider the importance of working jointly with local suppliers. About 92% of our total sales globally is produced in our plant in Mexico. Furthermore, we have increased purchases from local suppliers. We produce high-quality products as a standard, global strong brands that are loved by consumers and that tie into nutrition and healthier eating habits.

How does the company plan to increase its distribution capacity in the country?

We are still in the process of reaching all four corners of Mexico. Today, we are heavily focused on having a presence in the big population centers though there are still opportunities out there to establish a presence in every home in Mexico. In the last few years, our operations have increased to 55,000 points of sale in Mexico. We are the food company that has accomplished the biggest growth in the country over the past few years; however, there is still much more to be done. The main challenge is how to keep growing and retain those levels.



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