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Guillermo Osorio

MEXICO - Finance

Guillermo Osorio

Founder & President of the Board, Macropay 


Guillermo Osorio Rodríguez is an entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience providing telecommunications services. He is responsible for establishing the company’s short-, medium-, and long-term overall goals and specific objectives as Founder and President.

TBY talks to Guillermo Osorio, Founder & President of the Board of Macropay, about the goal of the business, credit loans, and the story of the company’s growth.

To begin, can you tell us about the business model that you use and how you are revolutionizing the retail industry with your services?

For me the objective of our business is to be different. The services extended in our stores are available to all, allowing those who would normally never enter a bank access to resources. Nine out of 10 people leave our stores happy with their loan.

How can you assure clients make their payments and that the company will remain profitable with such few requirements?

In each loan that we make the client sees an on-screen video of the finance system. They can see that if they pay in a certain way and stay updated with the payments then this can give them access to other credit loans. 

What plans does the company have to raise capital in the public market?

We began the year by creating presence. And then in the future we will launch a diversity of other activities.

What steps is the company taking to achieve a store count of 2,000 in Mexico? 

Currently the objective is to open 2,000 stores in Mexico and become one of the highest sales points on a national scale. We have the system to do this but what we need now is the capital to achieve it. We have created a system, after many years of preparation, that allows us to open a new branch every 18 hours.

The company is not new, having begun operations around 21 years ago. What has recently helped it to achieve such rapid growth over the past three years?

I personally began as a salesman 20 years ago and we went from one store to an expansion of around 90 with our own profits invested. After this, the company saw major changes due to dependence on large brands in the market. A key change concerned telecommunications and we had to change our system and provide other products such as accessories. During this transition, we realized that a better business plan would be to finance phones. We began to work with a company dedicated to this and in parallel began to establish our own business model. We then created the application you see today. We wanted to work with different provinces from Mérida and have people with us from all across the country. 



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