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Guillermo Reynés

SPAIN - Real Estate & Construction

Guillermo Reynés

Director, Gras-Reynés Architecture Studio


Guillermo Reynés graduated in architecture from the University of Navarra and later began his professional career collaborating in several internationally renowned architecture studios, such as Carlos Ferrater studio in Barcelona and MVRDV studio in Rotterdam. He has been a lecturer at numerous institutions such as the CEU University of Valencia, the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Barcelona, and the Architecture League in New York, among others. In 2008, GRAS won the international competition for the new Ecocity in Montecorvo, Spain. In 2018, Reynés was awarded the 40 UNDER 40 Europe Design Award, being considered as one of the 40 best emerging architects in Europe.

Working to bring true value to the local architectural scene, GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio has been recognized for its high-quality and industry leading work.

How has GRAS Reynés Architecture Studio influenced the architectural scene of Mallorca?

My father and great-grandfather were architects, and we have been working for three generations not only in Mallorca, but also on the other islands of the Balearics and in Spain. Our brand has been growing alongside the rapid development of Mallorca as an investment destination for real estate. Before I started my practice in Mallorca and Spain, I lived and worked abroad in the Netherlands for five years and learned many other aspects of the job abroad. When I came here, I had a different mindset. I am proud of my family heritage and the great group of architects that work at our studio. The name is not completely linked to me; it is a brand. I pride myself on being the leader and CEO of the group, but there are other great talents here as well. GRAS – Reynés Architecture Studio is a young company doing architecture in Mallorca that brings value.

How is the portfolio of GRAS – Reynés Architecture Studio changing as Mallorca receives growing interest from investors?

Our core business is in Mallorca, and the island has seen great momentum since 2010. I have seen exponential growth in quantity, quality, and the concepts of what is happening locally. When I first started, we were mostly doing high-end residential, mostly single villas, which is a core business in Mallorca. However, in the last few years major international players have come to the island. Now, we have projects for villas and highend villas in Calvià and other premium locations as well as larger projects like hotels for international brands such as Virgin Limited Edition. We are working with Virgin on two hotels. Another important project for us is the Plaza Gomila development in the west of Palma, where a client is investing in seven buildings that will focus more on lifestyle options, with restaurants and other facilities.

To what extent have you noted greater demand for projects in other fields?

In terms of sports, we have been engaged in the tennis project Country Club by Emotions Group. In connection with that project, we are developing the hotel that will serve Country Club. It is a new hotel focused on sports because of the location on the other side of the Mallorca tennis club. GRAS – Reynés Architecture Studio is working on tennis, golf, and pools. Recently, we were contacted for a horseback riding club. Architecture is a reflection of society, and society today is more into the outdoors, sports, and nature, and our studio is capturing that trend.

How do you see international investments taking shape in the island?

Mallorca is a consolidated area. It is not easy to find bargains, and we still see many investors coming in. Most of our projects are not new builds; they are restoring existing buildings or demolishing old buildings and building new ones. Most of these buildings are 40 years old, so they need refurbishments, and there is a big business opportunity there. Soon, there will be an opportunity to convert old hotels into housing, and there is a cyclical economy emerging in this direction.

To what extent do you see international trends in design and construction taking place in Mallorca?

For example, in Mallorca we have a project in Gomila where the same investor buys buildings and mixes the profiles of residents, from young and old to families and singles and less expensive and more expensive, all mixed together. Such unique concepts have been brought in mainly by foreign investors. Additionally, there is a debate in Mallorca on the topic of vertical building. It would be a good time for Mallorca to start allowing more vertical building taking into consideration environmental issues and the overall harmony of the island to tackle at once sustainability and the housing shortage.



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