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MEXICO - Energy & Mining

Gustavo Blejer

General Manager Americas, Bonatti, Mexico


Gustavo Blejer started his association with Bonatti in 2021 and currently holds the role of General Manager for the Americas, from where he works with teams in Canada, Mexico, and Chile. He was part of the TransCanada (now TC Energy) team in charge of pipeline network expansion projects in Mexico as director of engineering and construction for the region. He has held various operational and commercial positions in Mexico, Canada, Argentina, and Italy. He studied at the faculty of engineering of the National University of Rosario. He holds a master’s degree in science of management from Stanford and a diploma in project management from Berkeley. He also obtained a diploma in energy law from the Escuela Libre de Derecho.

"Mexico is a key market for Bonatti’s international strategy."
An international contractor with a presence on four continents, Bonatti has diversified from the construction of pipelines to other areas in oil and gas, hydrogen, and water.
Why did Bonatti decide to launch its regional operations in Mexico?

Mexico is a key market for Bonatti’s international strategy. It was the first country in the Americas where we opened operations 10 years ago. Bonatti started to work in Italy over 75 years ago, then mostly in North Africa and other countries in Europe. We still do business in all those markets. Mexico proved to be a resilient market and a great launchpad for Bonatti’s operations in other countries in the region. Bonatti is now working in the Americas, and we are actively pursuing projects in Panama, Colombia, and Peru. We are set to move on opportunities in other areas in Central and South America. We always look at international markets because of the nature of our core business: contractors go where projects are. We have proved to be competitive based on the knowledge and experience of our personnel and our strong asset base (technology and equipment); our people have worked with the company throughout their lifetime. Our research and development department develops in-house spearhead technologies for the construction of pipelines. We have also expanded into other areas aside from pipelines, mostly in the oil and gas. Bonatti came to Mexico because of the huge expansion cycle implemented over the past 10 years for the natural gas network; that was the main focus 10 years ago and is still the most relevant portion of our revenue.

What kind of opportunities has Bonatti identified in hydrogen?

We are an active member of the hydrogen industry associations both in Mexico and Chile. Projects in Chile are closer to sanctioning stages, while in Mexico they are still at an early planning phase. We hope we will be able to announce our participation in some landmark projects in the near future, as we are heavily betting on industry growth. We also have a number of hydrogen and carbon capture-related projects in Europe. Bonatti is trying to become one of the companies behind the momentum in the sector. As contractors, we heavily depend on our customers and the developers creating those opportunities, but we can play an active role by supporting our clients in pre-feasibility studies, design, and cost estimation. Hydrogen and water are the two areas set to grow the most and where we can participate and contribute with tremendous value.

What is Bonatti doing in water treatment in Mexico?

At the moment, there is no framework for private water projects to take place in Mexico. We were recently awarded an EPC project in Chile for the design, development, construction, and startup of a system to bring water from the ocean to a mine play in order to substitute the use of on-shore waters for the mine production. We will stay close to the mining industry in Mexico as gradual adoption should start taking place in the mid-term. Whether for human consumption, agricultural activities, or other industries requiring fresh water for their production, we are prepared to help grow the infrastructure for water desalination, transport, and delivery. We have put together a team of people with deep expertise in designing and implementing water projects. This includes not only working with technology for desalination, but also designing for the utilization of salty waters if required, which has a number of implications in terms of corrosion, material specifications and so on. The long-term vision for Bonatti is to be a key participant in those two markets. Hydrogen as a substitute of a share of the oil and gas market, and water projects in terms of attending needs that are growing and a demand that will eventually come. We eagerly await the development of a regulatory framework in Mexico that will push private investment into accelerating the development of those water projects.



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