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Guy Tennant

- Energy & Mining

Guy Tennant

Vice President Southern Gulf MENA, Halliburton


Guy Tennant is Halliburton’s area vice president for the Southern Gulf region, based in Abu Dhabi. He has held positions of increasing responsibility during his career and has served in the Middle East, North Sea, Europe, and Russia. During his tenure, he has managed diverse leadership teams supporting Halliburton’s drilling & evaluation and completion & Production divisions, integrated drilling services, and integrated reservoir services across the eastern hemisphere. In recent years, Tennant’s teams have delivered the top market share growth in the UAE, with a strong focus on being the company of choice for Emiratization.

"Over the past year, Halliburton collaborated with local offshore operators to drill the longest offshore extended reach drilling (ERD) well on record, reaching a total depth of over 50,000 feet."
Guy Tennant is Area Vice President at Southern Gulf MENA, Halliburton.
What were the main highlights for Halliburton in the UAE over the past year?

Over the past year, Halliburton collaborated with local offshore operators to drill the longest offshore extended reach drilling (ERD) well on record, reaching a total depth of over 50,000 feet. In addition, Halliburton collaborated with local onshore operators to successfully drill the longest onshore ERD well in the UAE at 32,000 feet—it was done in fewer days, which saved significant time and resources. By working closely with local UAE operators, Halliburton has drilled five of the top ten ERD wells in the world. We are proud of the collaboration required with our customers to achieve these records. Finally, Halliburton received recognition last year from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) as the only oil and gas company in the UAE to achieve gold status for our Emiratization strategy. Our workforce is currently at 17% Emiratization with a diversity portfolio of 42%, leading the upstream oil and gas sector for the UAE.

The UAE is investing AED600 billion in clean and renewable energy projects over the next three decades as it aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. How is Halliburton aligned with this mission and how does this influence the use of cleaner energies?

The UAE is a leader in the energy transition and local operators will play a key role in adapting and driving technology development to accomplish energy transition goals. Halliburton took numerous steps to lower our carbon footprint and advance a sustainable energy future. Halliburton developed predictive software that tracks and measures our greenhouse emission reduction targets. With that software, we can collaborate with our customers to monitor our carbon footprint reduction. Part of our growth portfolio includes solutions that measure our operational and energy efficiency gains over the years to meet our 2035 target of a 40% reduction in our carbon footprint. To ensure we support and are aligned with the UAE and local customer efforts, Halliburton’s MENA sustainability director is located in Abu Dhabi and stays closely engaged with local customers and Middle East peers.



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