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UAE, UAE, ABU DHABI - Real Estate & Construction

Hamad Al Jassmi

Vice President, Al Burj Engineering Consultants


Hamad Al Jassmi is the Vice President of Al-Burj Engineering Consultants. He is also an associate professor of civil engineering, the director of Emirates Center for Mobility Research (ECMR) at UAE University, and a research fellow of the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Al Jassmi holds a PhD in civil engineering from the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UNSW in Australia. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed research articles, most which appeared in top ranked international journals. He has numerous innovations and inventions, for which he received high-profile awards and a registered US patent.

"An important aspect is the digitizing of construction."
Al Burj Engineering Consultants was established in 1983 with the mission of realizing sustainable grand designs. Which are the company’s core values and main projects?

We started during the rapid emergence of the country itself, back in the 1980s; therefore, we have experienced all stages of development from the outset and all the transformations that have occurred to date. We have also experienced the involvement of international companies that were invited to participate in developing the economy, and particularly the building sector. Indeed, we provided them with that experience. We also had the opportunity to learn from the many experts that came to participate in the development of the UAE. Our vision has been to transfer the experience that we gained locally. And our mission is to build effective and sustainable solutions. Our main concern whenever we start a project is to have the networks with the right team for the task at hand. And there are two levels to this. We have the team to deliver the project. Then comes the second part: how can we exceed the requirements and thereby add value? That is what we focus on in our business. We must exceed expectations through available technology in building sustainable design and in all other aspects that are currently plateauing internationally.

Al Burj is involved in the construction of smart cities and building information. What is the basis of these projects?

An important aspect is the digitizing of construction. Construction is one of the most common global industries, but it one of those industries that is somehow lagging in terms of digitalization. Yet, one of the main technologies to have revolutionized the industry over the past decade is Building Information Modelling (BIM), which involves creating a comprehensive digital database, visualized in a 3D model, for a building starting from the ground up. In short, it is all the details that you would require throughout the building’s lifecycle. This technology has been obligatory for engineering consultancy firms working on large projects since 2013. We started investing in this before the wider industry back in 2010, and today we are at full capacity. Therefore, our team is fully capable of delivering projects using such technologies.



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