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Hamad Alkhalaf

SAUDI ARABIA - Telecoms & IT

Hamad Alkhalaf


"Digital transformation and establishing a secure digital ecosystem in Saudi Arabia have been an essential part of Vision 2030. "
SITE works closely with both the public and private sectors to provide a wide range of services and solutions tailored to their needs, including cybersecurity, enterprise, cloud, and human capital development.
How has the digital ecosystem developed in Saudi Arabia in recent years?

Digital transformation and establishing a secure digital ecosystem in Saudi Arabia have been an essential part of Vision 2030. New digital themes have emerged across different sectors, including e-government, health sector, and fintech aiming to accelerate digital transformation and enhance the quality of life for all the population in the country. In pursuit of this aim, many entities have been established, such as the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA), as well as several e-government platforms; however, digitalization on such a high scale comes with risks, and those risks are growing increasingly in the cyberspace, facing any beneficiary of government, businesses, corporates and/or individuals. Therefore, cybersecurity has been the backbone for digital transformation in Saudi Arabia, since we are going for a secure digital transformation. In that context, the Global Cybersecurity Index (ITU) ranks Saudi Arabia second despite the early stage we are currently at to reach Vision 2030. Long story short, the key drivers to the achievements that have been attained in this regard are the agility and proactivity embedded in the foundation of our ecosystem towards digitalization, as well as the flexibility and ease of Saudis in terms of adopting digitalization with ease as a new lifestyle, which has acted as an enabling ground for digital transformation to be implemented and accelerated successfully.

How are you aligning with Vision 2030 on human capital development?

SITE has equipped more than 5,000 engineers of our clients at national entities across Saudi Arabia, with training courses and development programs to meet the growing needs of the market. Thus 200 engineers of that total, so far, have become part of our human capital at SITE. Our training programs are focused on critical areas, such as cybersecurity, secure coding, and cloud computing. In fact, our development programs are not limited to employees alone; we also target fresh graduates and young talents to develop their digital skills and discover their potential. Accordingly, we are aligned with Vision 2030 on its broad goal of upskilling national capabilities and unlock their ability by providing learning and training opportunities, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship culture, and elevating Saudi Arabia’s competitiveness in the digital world.

Can you provide an overview of the journey from design to delivery and how you differentiate yourself from others in the market?

We provide a secure digital transformation journey that covers our clients’ needs starting with advisory and ending with delivery. We develop a comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs, pain points, and objectives and then identify their digital, cyber, and human capital gaps to bridge their way toward their desired goals securely and effectively. SITE cloud, on the other hand, is a native cloud that is secure by design, and we have operation centers (NOC and SOC) to monitor the cloud 24/7. We utilize different methodologies, such as DevSecOps, to develop platforms within our internal software house, and our solutions are also secured by design. We have local connectivity, local hosting and local monitoring all developed by our talented Saudi engineers at SITE, which is what we proudly identify as our distinguishing factor in all the great accomplishments and success stories we have contributed to achieve up to this date.

How do your strategic partnerships shape the impact that you have on the Kingdom national cybersecurity’s priorities?

SITE is the technical arm for National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA). Through this partnership, we are both acting as the key pillars of establishing the cybersecurity industry in Saudi Arabia. In terms of centralized services, we provide NCA with all needed services and solutions, including cybersecurity assessments, incidents response and human capital development. We also provide governmental entities with a wide range of services and solutions tailored to their needs. In addition, we have our own clients whom we work with directly to provide them with what they need from our services in cybersecurity, enterprise, cloud, and human capital development.



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