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Ninoska Francina Marte de Tiburcio


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General Manager, PARVAL


Francina Marte was born in 1972 in Jarabacoa. She arrives in Santo Domingo in 1990 to pursue her Bachelor’s degree at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), graduating in Hotel Management in 1994. She began her career in the stock market at the Bolsa de Valores de la República Dominicana (BVRD) in 1996 as an Administrative Officer. She later became Business Manager at Acciones y Valores Puesto de Bolsa, S. A. until 2002, when she entered PARVAL Puesto de Bolsa, where she has been General Manager for the last 12 years.

"Our rating was upgraded from BBB- to BBB."

PARVAL has been on the market for more than a decade now. What expertise can your clients count on?

PARVAL was the first brokerage firm to be registered with the Securities Superintendence (SIV), as well as the first to be a licensed securities broker. Through the years, we have become a leading brokerage firm, with a keen and accurate vision that allows us to manage and structure assets, as well as provide advisory services concerning financial operations that offer the greatest productivity and profits. Our services stand out for their high efficiency and ability to meet customers’ needs. We work in line with best market practices and high ethical standards, providing greater transparency, quality, and safety.

PARVAL has recently been rated “BBB” by Fitch Dominican Republic. Do you see room for improvement in the future?

Our rating was upgraded from BBB- to BBB. We have been working on several points highlighted by the rating agency, making important changes in our organizational structure. Therefore, we definitely see room for further improvement in the future.

“Our rating was upgraded from BBB- to BBB.”

In June 2014 the Superintendence of Securities approved your public offering of securities. PARVAL corporate bonds amount to Ps500 million. Could you tell us about your investment plans?

The funds obtained through this issuance will be invested in publicly offered securities. This is our fourth issuance of PARVAL bonds. We have already placed Ps300 million and plan to issue the remaining Ps200 million in the coming months.

What goals has PARVAL set for 2015?

We plan to continue expanding our client base and develop new products. In mid-2014 we created a sales department with a team of five people who are targeting retail/non-institutional customers. This segment offers the greatest growth potential for the coming years. We are also evaluating the establishment of at least one regional branch in 2015.

What are the potential benefits of the new SIOPEL trading platform, introduced by the Dominican Republic Stock Exchange (BVRD) on September 19, for PARVAL and the sector as a whole?

The SIOPEL trading platform has allowed the BVRD to develop new trading sessions that can boost transaction volumes. The launch of the new platform has also revisited the established price calculation methods, matching them to international standards.

In April 2014, the Dominican Republic sold a record amount of bonds—$1.25 billion with a maturity of 2044 and yield of 7.45%. What is the significance of this sale for overall national development and what sectors will benefit the most in your opinion?

The 2044 bonds were the country’s first offering of 30-year US dollar debt in the past decade. It allowed the country to take advantage of low borrowing costs. The proceeds will be used to finance infrastructure projects and complement the national budget.

What impact will the expansion of the Panama Canal have on the financial sector in the Latin America?

The expansion will increase commerce and capital flows in the region. We believe this will lead to greater growth in the financial sector.

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