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Vugar Eyvazov

AZERBAIJAN - Health & Education

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General Director, Sağlam Aile


Vugar Eldar oglu Eyvazov is a dermatovenerologist, a specialist in molecular diagnostics, and part-time instructor at the Dermatovenerology Department of Azerbaijan Medical University. Eyvazov is the founder and General Director of the private medical network “Saglam Aile“ (“Healthy Family“), and also manages a private project called “Guarding Azerbaijan’s Gene Pool“. The project is intended to improve youth awareness of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and improve reproductive health. Being a molecular diagnostics specialist, he has actively participated in the establishment and training of personnel for PCR laboratories in several state and private medical institutions over the past decade.

"Thanks to these international agreements we have been able to position Sağlam Aile one step ahead of the pack."

What is Sağlam Aile’s core mission as a private healthcare provider?

The idea behind our clinic is to protect the health of the youth, because they are the future of our country. At our core we put a lot of attention on health before marriage, because we believe we can improve the health of Azerbaijani family units by carrying out complete check ups, specializing in sexually transmitted infections (STIs), fertility treatment, as well as research on genetics and molecular issues. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on developing consciousness about health care among Azerbaijan’s youth since our establishment in 2003. Also, we attach high significance to increasing young people’s awareness of issues related to thalassemia. During the first years of our operations, it was hard to gain the trust and confidence of patients. However, the development of the country and its private healthcare system have been spurred on by the fact that the youth have come to understand the benefits of taking care of their health. Our policy is to bring in international standards and a more conscious health culture to Azerbaijan; to educate people to have regular check ups, and be able to treat potential diseases before it’s too late. Today, we stand out thanks to the high level of technological innovation in our procedures and equipment, the quality of our staff, and our laboratory work, which covers more than 3,000 different types of laboratory tests and is managed by ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

How large are your operations in terms of facilities and services?

At Sağlam Aile, we offer a wide range of specialized and high-quality services in the fields of dermatology, cosmetology, stomatology, pediatrics, cardiology, gynecology, STIs, genetics, molecular diagnostics, neurology, as well as plasmapheresis, and all forms of vaccinations. We currently have two different clinics in Baku. We have already expanded our existing facilities, have established one more center in Sumgait, and we plan on opening a center in Ganja in the near future. In terms of staff, we have a strong focus on young and highly qualified doctors and personnel, because they help us to attract young Azerbaijanis, making our brand successful. At the moment, we employ about 40 doctors and 52 staff at Saí°lam Aile, and have external consultants that come in when needed.

“Thanks to these international agreements we have been able to position Sağlam Aile one step ahead of the pack.”

How would you rate the abilities of Azerbaijani physicians?

The level of Azerbaijani physicians’ expertise and knowledge is rapidly growing thanks to the internationalization of our faculties. Many Azerbaijani doctors now study abroad for their university degrees, and this is definitely contributing to increasing the quality of health services in Azerbaijan, because while abroad they learn from internationally recognized institutions. In this regard, I think the bilateral relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan have positively helped to improve Azerbaijan’s development in the medical field. At the same time, I would like to add that Saí°lam Aile is also contributing to such processes by hosting international conferences and sending its staff to international courses and seminars abroad. We see it as part of our commitment to the country’s development.

How are you planning to grow the institution from now on?

In addition to expanding our facilities, we are constantly improving our services and modernizing our equipment and diagnostic testing processes. We are implementing many different healthcare packages in each of our specialized departments in order to achieve a higher level of quality in the diagnostics we provide our patients, as well as safeguarding them from suboptimal expenditure. We also believe that new technology plays an important role in people’s lives, and we are increasing our presence on social networking sites as a way to develop a closer relationship with our customers as well as attract future patients. Finally, we are aiming to further organize international conferences and seminars in Baku. For example, we hosted a dermatology conference in 2011, attracting more than 600 specialists in the field, which was a big success. We believe that such events help to increase know-how in the medical field in Azerbaijan.

How would you assess the state of development in the private healthcare sector, and how has Sağlam Aile contributed to this process of change?

The last 20 years of Azerbaijan’s history, since the country gained its independence, have been a period of development but also transition for many sectors, like the healthcare sector. There used to be a lack of confidence and trust in doctors, and in order to change that we have implemented different strategies such as free consultancies and special discounts because we want to show that our main aim is not to make a profit, but to ensure the wellbeing of patients. Over the years we have also established close ties with both Turkish and German institutions, and specialists from these countries come to Azerbaijan periodically to offer external consultancy services, sharing their expertise with our staff and patients. I believe the overall quality of service in the private healthcare sector has not yet reached international standards, though thanks to these international agreements we have been able to position Saí°lam Aile one step ahead of the pack. Overall, we see all these steps as part of our contribution to the development of the national healthcare system.

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