The Business Year

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Ensuring quality and training personnel continue to be top priorities in the local healthcare sector, with institutions looking at success for the long term.

Jean-Yves Richard

General Manager, Laborex

As a subsidiary of Eurapharma, Laborex has no different mission or values than any other Laborex entities in the world. Our strategy is the same as well, namely to offer as many products as possible according to the market needs with the best quality and pricing. There are different ranges of products in terms of pricing, and you can find the best quality while offering the best value for money for consumers. Our strategy is to offer the best quality and value for money at every stage of the value chain. Our business is not that complex and can be broken down into: importing, warehousing, and distributing products to authorized retailers. The complexity lies in ensuring the best quality at origin and maintaining it until the end of the chain while serving customers as best possible. Our strategy is to ensure we offer the best quality and service to all the stakeholders for the benefit of end users and the health of the Angolan people. Our positioning is to bring quality for money and offer the best choice of products. No matter the price range of a stakeholder, we can find the best available product for them.

Mário Conde da Silva

President of Executive Commission, Clínica Girassol

The primary mission of Clínica Girassol is to promote health with special attention to medical emergencies, providing service of the highest quality. Our main services are surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic. Within medicine services, we highlight the performance in several specialties such as internal medicine, cardiology, stomatology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, physiotherapy, and hemotherapy, in addition to infectiology, nuclear medicine, and psychiatry. In the surgical area, the specialties of cardiovascular surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, vascular surgery, general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecology, and otorhinolaryngology stand out. In terms of diagnostic exams, we offer computed axial tomography, mammography, conventional radiography, nuclear magnetic resonance, and pathological anatomy. We also have a cardiology unit and a sleep lab. We invest in the continuous and specialized training of our professionals, with work and performance protocols. Four of our services are also certified by the Portuguese Certification Association (APCER): clinical analysis laboratory, hemotherapy, imaging, and pathological anatomy. Our next steps are to register an improvement in laboratory diagnosis and imaging services and also add hip and knee replacement surgery as well as advanced spinal surgery. We also plan to set up an ophthalmology surgical unit with retinal surgery.

Sergio Luciano

CEO, Australpharma

Our main purpose is to bring healthcare closer to people. We operate in three major business areas: pharmaceutical distribution, healthcare consumable material, and diagnostics. We have also made significant investments in past years, with global investments of around to EUR9 million since then, including numerous investments in IT systems, logistic infrastructure, and distribution networks. For example, we have refrigerated transport to guarantee the quality of products during distribution. Because of their sensitivity, our warehouses are regulated in terms of temperatures and are constantly monitored in other to adhere to pharmaceutical storage and distribution regulations. One important aspect is cultivating local talent, and one of the criteria for our expats is the transference of knowledge. Local talents are the future of the company, which has led to an essential process of people development and training. Our group has been ranked first among pharma companies in Portugal, and in 2021 we included our companies outside Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea Bissau. It was remarkable to see the company’s top ranking in Angola, and we believe that the investment in people’s capacity and relation to company projects is fundamental for the sustainability of the company.



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