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General Manager, Café Televisión


Héctor Alfaro is General Manager of Café Televisión.

"In October 2016 we presented our first two TV productions "La Maria" and "Fieras" at MIPCOM in Cannes."

How did Café Television come about and how would you evaluate its evolution since then?

Café Televisión was established as an initiative to create and promote a dramatic TV series industry to export to the world. The idea was to rescue popular culture and promote Costa Rica as the beautiful place it is and provide a platform for our country’s talent. In October 2016 we presented our first two TV productions “La Maria” and “Fieras” at MIPCOM in Cannes, so our evolution and growth in such a short time have been positive.

As the core of your business, do you target your TV series to a Costa Rican or foreign markets?

Insofar as we have a low participation rate and these represent huge markets, we are producing for the international market.

What are the main challenges for a media producer in Costa Rica?

The main challenge is attracting investment to start a new industry in a field in which we have no background. This makes our task difficult, but the dream of all the people who are part of Café Televisión keeps us going.

In general, how do you foresee the TV, Media and production sector in Costa Rica?

This sector is growing a lot and becoming lucrative, which will start to draw in more investors and talent.

What are Café Televisión’s main goals for 2017?

Our chief goal is to grow the Costa Rican television industry by internationalizing our series and showing the rest of the world Costa Rican culture through programs such as “Elisa.”



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