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PANAMA - Economy

Héctor Ernesto Infante

Founding Partner, Infante & Pérez Almillano (IPAL)


Héctor E. Infante, with over 35 years of legal experience, is a cornerstone founding partner of Infante & Pérez Almillano. He has navigated high-profile cases in Panama and represented influential regional personalities, including five past presidents. Infante is also an instrumental member of the Board of the National Bar Association of Panama and serves as a conduit linking esteemed law firms from the US and Europe with their Panamanian and Latin American endeavors via Infante & Pérez Almillano.

"Even as we navigate through the complexities of fluctuating electoral laws that have left many international companies in a holding pattern, IPAL stands firm in guiding them through these transitional times."
IPAL leverages its 20-plus years of combined experience to represent some of the most important and largest companies in Panama.
What was the rationale behind the merger and its advantages?

I have had a professional relationship with Carlos Pérez Almillano for over 20 years. He ran a boutique lawyer’s office attending to a specific group of Panamanian business leaders. He is extremely selective with his clients and maintains an exclusive portfolio but with a great impact in the country. We merged with the goal to create a lawyer’s office that would be larger than the sum of its parts, creating Infante & Pérez Almillano (IPAL), with over 20 years of experience and an important client portfolio, including 18 financial institutions representing the most important banks in the country and the largest companies in Panama. We provide our legal services to a wide range of sectors including some of the most renowned retail and import/export companies, real estate developers, energy, and telecom business, among other relevant sectors. We have over 30 lawyers specialized in different areas, guiding companies through Panama’s laws. The commercial sector is led by Pérez Almillano and his team, while I co-lead the litigation and arbitration unit, representing in court the interests of large international companies and individuals.

How does IPAL ensure personalized service given such a large number of cases and clients?

Our staff, a blend of highly qualified professionals and dedicated collaborators, is not just a team but a tech-savvy ensemble. We have over 30 active lawyers, including my three children. Each member is adept at leveraging these tools to ensure that we are not just managing cases but nurturing client relationships. The technology we employ facilitates our lawyers to be readily accessible, transforming them into legal advisors who are just a click away from providing insightful counsel. Our commitment to personalized service amidst a diverse and growing caseload is unwavering, made possible by the implementation of advanced technological tools. These systems have evolved in tandem with our expanding portfolio, enabling us to manage over 2,200 active cases with exceptional efficiency and precision. The robust suite of tech resources at our disposal has been meticulously integrated into our daily operations, ensuring that each client, from the smallest startups to transnational corporations, receives the undivided attention they deserve. Whether it is a nuanced legal strategy or a simple procedural question, our clients have the assurance of swift and direct access to our partners and department managers. Moreover, our expertise extends beyond traditional legal boundaries, encompassing everything from migration issues to nuanced legal regulations, and occasionally, strategic political counsel. Even as we navigate through the complexities of fluctuating electoral laws that have left many international companies in a holding pattern, IPAL stands firm in guiding them through these transitional times.

How does IPAL Trust adapt to changes in legislation and regulations to protect its clients and maintain its fiduciary services efficiently?

IPAL Trust is an organization with a highly qualified team, including lawyers, administrators, and accountants, dedicated to the execution of entrusted fiduciary mandates and the management of assets and related companies. Since 2014, it has been assisting businesses, family offices, and institutional clients with long-term wealth planning and various fiduciary needs in commercial transactions involving collateral, investment, custody, and intermediation. Its vision is to provide the best and most efficient service in client advisory and representation. This strong leadership position is maintained through continuous innovation in their service platform, ongoing professional development, and a dedicated customer-centric culture. IPAL Trust excels in structuring and managing trusts, foundations, and fiduciary and corporate structures for investment projects, real estate developments, collateral, and custody arrangements, as well as wealth, succession, tax, and corporate planning. It specializes in organizing and structuring ideas, desires, or needs related to business and succession plans to ensure practical, efficient, and secure management.



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