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MEXICO - Finance

Héctor Pavón

Country Manager, VTEX


Héctor Pavón has 25 years of experience leading top performing teams, commercial strategies, business development and processes, and IT consulting. He is highly specialized in implementing customer experience solutions in demanding and result-oriented top multinational corporations.

"Since the pandemic, the rules of commerce have been rewritten globally and locally."
VTEX is addressing the growing demand for a true omnichannel experience in Mexico, providing technology that facilitates rapid and efficient growth for brands and retailers.
What are the main changes in consumer habits impacting your clients in Mexico and Latam?

Since the pandemic, the rules of commerce have been rewritten globally and locally. Even though people have started going back to malls, consumers now expect a fluid and connected experience, with the best of both worlds. That is the real omnichannel, which has been talked about for more than 10 years. Customers want the opportunity to purchase something online and pick up in a store or order from a store and get it delivered to their homes. This model seems normal for consumers but presents challenges to retailers in terms of logistics and customer support. There are many factors around developing a true omnichannel experience, and this is the main pain point that VTEX aims to address. We have an order management system (OMS) that helps our customers with their inventory and orders. Our solutions help brands and retailers meet customers’ expectation and get the same service they receive from Amazon or Mercado Libre, for example. Our marketplace solution allows brands and retailers to sell products through their ecommerce sites without the need to engage in storage or delivery, opting instead to delegate these processes to third parties.

How does VTEX fit into this new context?

Two differentiators separate us from our competitors. First is our technology—VTEX offers a complete and composable digital commerce platform where brands and retailers can drive their rapid and efficient growth. VTEX enables merchants to deploy, optimize, test and scale advanced B2C and B2B commerce experience through a composable and complete commerce, marketplace and OMS solution. Specifically, our OMS ensures that the customer receives the products they want on time, as planned and showed in their order. Our system allows brands and retailer to manage a real omnichannel and meet all of the requirements we have been talking about, occasionally also using third party companies. Another feature is the native and integrated VTEX marketplace solution that connects merchants and displays products from other sellers. It is also the cheapest business model because retailers do not own all of the products they are selling and do not need to store them. All VTEX customers right now are talking about marketplaces and how they can involve other sellers and create communities to offer more products on a common platform. Another key differentiator of VTEX is that we fully specialize in digital commerce. In Mexico, only 24% of people have a debit or credit card, so we need to create local solutions for that demographic and their local needs, such as paying through Oxxo or drugstores, for example. VTEX counts on a massive ecosystem with business partners to enable payment methods, prevent frauds, and offer the best logistics, among others. This ecosystem, the most robust in Mexico, also offers the best loyalty solution for ecommerce and solutions like pick-and-pack, last-mile delivery, conversational commerce, WhatsApp retail options, and much more.

Considering that you offer a wide variety of ecommerce solutions, what is your priority for Mexico for the coming year?

Our first priority is to continue to maintain our current high-quality customer service. Second, we intend to grow our ecosystem of partners, bringing the newest and most modern solutions and services to our customers and system integrators (SI). As well, we intend to grow the subsidiary with new customers as well as our ecosystem to create the best entity in digital commerce. In 2022, we organized the first VTEX Connect LATAM at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, which was attended by 5,000 people and has become Mexico’s largest technology event. Many of our partners also attended, revealing the sheer scope of our ecosystem. We held the second edition of this event in September and saw over 12,000 participants and more than 60 speakers.



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