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Nestor Neira

General Manager, FEEL Consulting

Hemberth Suárez

Managing Partner, OGE Legal Services

These experts not only focus on one particular area, but also work closely with their clients to manage their interests and ensure their success.

What services do you provide the industry?

NESTOR NEIRA We focus on drilling and drilling operations; specializing in drilling fluids and waste management. We also do visual conceptual projects for various operators, assisting them with planning, insights, and advisory. Data is crucial within consulting in strengthening decision-making capacity and supporting business intelligence. Data has become key, and companies are focused on real information to make decisions. Fell Consulting works closely with drilling companies. The people working here have been involved with operations on both sides, namely as operator and service provider. This allows for effective dialog with managers and drilling engineers, or the people we work for regarding the best choice regarding the technical consideration.

HEMBERTH SUÁREZ OGE Legal Services was founded in 2014 and is positioned among the main consultancies related to electric power and natural gas. This segment is home to large firms. As a developing law firm, we stand out in terms of assisting with private and commercial initiatives and realizing the vision of the investor in Colombia. In addition, we have participated from project acquisition to purchasing within companies and have also collaborated in energy sector commercialization. Our clients are private investors who want to invest in Colombia in renewable energies, energy storage, power generation, and, above all, in businesses associated with natural gas, both domestic and imported.

How does Feel Consulting contribute to broader national development and engineering know-how?

NN The work that Feel Consulting has done in terms of land surveying and operation monitoring is useful to newcomers. Instead of starting from scratch, they have a set of data they can lean on for key insights. This helps them avoid pitfalls and allows them to conduct more detailed planning. Essentially, we allow companies to tap into the experience we have amassed. Our database is useful for managers, operators, and field engineers. From the data we calculate Key Performance Indicators such as cost per foot, and barrels per foot. With that information, anybody with an analytical capability is able to determine the optimum strategy for a forthcoming operation, and set the best plans for water catch and disposal, and for budget planning, and so forth. Tech-oriented companies contribute to the competitiveness of industry through the technology spillover with partners, and also by raising standards of human capital and industry protocols.

How do you evaluate the support given by government to industry?

HS The support has been generally positive. Today, investors can find a clear legal and regulatory framework in Colombia. When they seek financial leverage, they find a need at an international level, and the aim is to show them that there is a regulation for this investment fund. This year, two laws that promote energy transition were issued: Laws 20/99 and 21/85. Moreover, these laws have become the basis for the investor to obtain resources and develop projects here. There are fiscal policies to facilitate the arrival of these new energies. In terms of taxation, there are four benefits: VAT exclusion, tariff exemption, accelerated depreciation, and income tax deduction. The opportunity to make use of these benefits was extended until 2025, both for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

How does being a Colombian company set FEEL apart from foreign consultants?

NN Each region in Colombia has different geological attributes. Experience and information are key to stability, and problem-free project management. Each part of Colombia has different conditions, formations, different and sedimentary conditions. And so when operators form alliances with on-the-ground consultants they achieve efficiencies that they would otherwise miss out on.

What are the firm’s plans to expand its services to become an engineering and economic advisor?

HS Within our services, we do not just want to limit ourselves to the legal and regulatory scene, but also extend ourselves to other transversal services, such as environmental licensing issues and negotiations to acquire project-related assets. We do not limit ourselves to legal services, but are also integral to the management of our clients’ interests. Essentially, we must remain identified as the firm that provides consultancies in the energy sector and in the short term identify ourselves as lawyers specialized in energy resources in Colombia and Latin America.



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