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John Chadid

LEBANON - Transport

Here to Deliver

Country Manager, DHL Lebanon


John Chedid began work with DHL in 1991 as Business Development Manager, and became Country Manager in 1997.

TBY talks to John Chadid, Country Manager of DHL Lebanon, on the country's role in DHL's global network, more efficient processes, and e-commerce.

What role does DHL Lebanon play in the company’s current regional and international strategies?

Lebanon is one of the 228 countries and territories in which DHL operates and is part of the largest transport network in the world. In Lebanon, we do our part to ensure that we provide our customers with world-class service. This requires continued investment in our people and in our infrastructure to ensure the service levels in and across Lebanon are as good as, if not better than, anywhere else in the DHL network.

What were DHL Lebanon’s main highlights during 2017, and what can be expected in 2018?

2017 was a busy year in which we made numerous improvements to our business processes and focused a great deal on training. First and foremost, our on-time performance improved again, meaning we delivered faster and more consistently than ever before. This was achieved by leveraging our DHL flights as well as a number of commercial flights both in Lebanon and throughout the entire DHL network. The recent upgrades to our facilities and flight operations around the world have made us faster and more efficient, once again, boosting service levels. The infrastructure upgrades were complemented by a great deal of training at all levels of the organization to ensure that we can confidently stand by our claim of being the international transportation specialists.

What is DHL’s current involvement in e-commerce, and how will it influence economic development in Lebanon?

There are an estimated 1.6 billion online shoppers, and that number is growing at a rapid pace. E-commerce is generating substantial international volumes and has become an important part of our business. This is a dynamic, exciting sector, and DHL is ideally positioned to provide e-tailers with a single global delivery solution at the click of a button. We have developed IT solutions that allow our customers to process and track orders quickly and efficiently and provide their customers with enhanced last-mile delivery capabilities. Again, in addition to the technological improvements being made to our operational platform to cater to e-commerce, we are also investing in transferring the knowledge required to serve our e-commerce customers. All of the above provide online merchants in Lebanon with the capability to deliver their products anywhere in the world as fast as, if not faster than, our competitors. As delivery is a key factor in the success of an online business, DHL plays an important role in the growth of this sector.

What are DHL’s main objectives for 2018?

We will double down on quality as a vehicle for growth by continuing our drive to improve everything we do. That begins with more training, further improving our processes and additional investment in the global network infrastructure. This is not a new approach but is one that provides tangible results to our customers. We will also continue to build capacity and capabilities to support the growth of the e-commerce sector to which Lebanon is no stranger. Many businesses, old and new, have embraced the concept, leveraging the internet to market and sell their products online. We believe that Lebanese businesses are ideally positioned to take advantage of the global online market place. And DHL, the world’s most global company, is here to deliver.



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