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Simone Volpi

MOZAMBIQUE - Energy & Mining

Here To Stay

Managing Director, Orlean Invest


Simone Volpi studied at American College (Franklin College) in Lugano Switzerland and graduated with a BA in International Management in 1996. He obtained his Master’s degree in Integrated Logistics in Genova at the Universita’ degli Studi di Genova, graduating in 2002. After joining the Orlean Invest Group, he was sent to Angola where he started his career as a Commercial Coordinator. After one year he was sent back to Nigeria where he has remained ever since. He is presently Managing Director for Intels Nigeria Limited since 2010, and is a naturalized citizen of Nigeria.

TBY talks to Simone Volpi, Managing Director of Orlean Invest, on development plans for Mozambique and working with ENH to recreate the success the company achieved in Nigeria.

What are your main investment and development plans for your operations in Mozambique?

In Nigeria we are the leader in providing logistics services to the oil and gas industry. We manage three ports in Nigeria on behalf of the government, namely Onne, Warri, and Calabar ports. In Mozambique, we will be doing the same by operating a logistics base in Pemba in the Cabo Delgado province for the oil and gas industry. We will be supporting the developments which are taking place in Palma to prepare for the development of an LNG plant and for the natural gas to be loaded on vessels for export. In Palma, a 12-train plant will be constructed as part of a multi-billion dollar project. Because of the previous huge discoveries by Anadarko and ENI, the world is now looking at Mozambique’s round of bids. The prospects are promising, thereby atracting foreign investors. Consequently, we will offer residential facilities in Palma as well as logistics services. The concept in Pemba, 250km south of Palma, will be similar to the one we have developed in Onne in Nigeria. It may take a couple of years before we reach the same size, but we have already received a concession of 12km by 60km, which is the entire bay of Pemba. Additionally we have acquired an island in the Quirimbas for the people that we will be based in Mozambique, to make life easier. It is important that the government of Mozambique enacts policies, especially on environmental laws.

When will you begin construction of your base in Pemba?

In Mozambique we are operating in a joint venture, through a public-private partnership (PPP) with ENH, Mozambique’s national gas company. ENH will hold the 51% of the shares while Orlean Invest keeps 49%. The construction of the base starts in 2015, and will be a state-of-the-art development. We will establish a port and shore base, where oil and gas companies would be able to receive cargo. It will be enable companies to receive material such as cement, water, pipes, drilling equipment and drilling chemicals, be they liquid or mud form. The oil industry requires a high level of professionalism to support exploration and production, as well as technical services. We are currently undergoing the environmental impact assessment before project execution. We have clients who have shown keen interest in establishing a base as soon as the Port is ready for operations.

What makes Orlean Invest the best company to manage Pemba?

Although we are a small company in terms of associates, we have grown financially. Organisations with sufficient experience and expertise to develop multiple large-scale projects simultaneously, such as Orlean Invest, are rare. We are known for port management, and Pemba will be no exception. We have operated in Rwanda, been invited to open bases in Brazil and Croatia, and have further development plans in Angola.

What will be the impact of this base in the north of Mozambique?

The socioeconomic impact is immeasurable. The north of the country will develop, thanks to the oil and gas industry, and we will support their operations with the same high standards that we have demonstrated in Nigeria since 1998.



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