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Maad Bin Ehsan Abduljawad

Managing Director, Globe Group

This company was established in 1976 by my late grandfather, but first started as a stevedoring company for port operations before moving into the shipping industry and eventually to logistics on land transportation. We do work in shipping and transportation; we represent shipping lines and are shareholders as well. We handle port operations, heavy machinery for the port, and a specialized company to realize this work. We work in construction and cleaning and maintenance projects as well as inland transportation. We own more than 3,000 trucks, all of which are our own assets. We also have diversified our portfolio with real estate development on our own land to fulfill the vision of housing in Saudi Arabia. We also do work with the Ministry of Housing, which is developing projects for apartments and others. Moreover, we operate in the retail sector, where we represent international fashion companies. In Saudi Arabia, we have about 25 outlets selling international brands. We have been strengthening our core business, logistics, for 45 years, and will continue to invest.

Muhammad Al Agil

Chairman, Jarir Group & CEO, Jarir Marketing

We are expanding and increasing our space by 10 to 15% per year, which is healthy, opening five stores a year. We opened five new stores in 2016 and expect to open a dozen by 2018, some in the country and some throughout the Gulf. We plan to increase both market share and size. We have seen a 3% decrease YoY in our old stores, but across our total operation foot traffic has increased from 29 million to 35 million visitors, mostly due to the introduction of new stores, which is a strong reason to keep opening new stores. Our return on equity has been high, at over 50%. In 2016, we opened one new store in Kuwait and the rest were in Saudi Arabia. The signs thus far lead us to believe we will have reasonable growth and increase our market share. Overall the market is getting smaller, but in 2016 Jarir took more market share, and we expect to repeat that in 2017. We should see faster growth in 2019-2020, not because of budget but because of the new base. GCC countries will form a more and more important part of that growth relative to Saudi Arabia, along with some of our other initiatives like e-commerce.

Amr M. Khashoggi

Vice President HR and Group Affairs, Amr M. Khashoggi

Zahid Group is a privately held organization, led by an established family whose commercial roots date back over a century. Initially, the group focused on passenger vehicles, followed by construction machinery, which represents a major business for us. Throughout the years, we continued to grow and today we are active in over 10 thriving industries. We are a Saudi organization and, to a large extent, our focus is on our investments in our country. We do have a few investments abroad. Now is the time to restructure and refocus on our core competencies and strengthen ourselves in those areas. We are proud of what Zahid Group has achieved in the past, but there is a great deal that we can still do. We want to work on developing the skills of our employees and increase the recruitment of competent nationals even further. The number of our Saudi employees continues to rise, and we are proud they represent more than one-third of our workforce across the group’s companies.

Adel Al Ghamdi

CEO, Abdullatif Alissa Group

The group has developed strong foundations over the past seven decades in many sectors of our economy, allowing us to position ourselves at the forefront of several of them, particularly the leasing and automotive sectors where we have played pioneering roles. I do not view Alissa Group as a family business, but rather a business that has a fiduciary duty to protect and maximize the interests of its shareholders, no matter their constitution. However, as in many Saudi companies, our corporate culture is a subset of our nation’s culture, which for many decades has been based on a sense of entitlement, rather than on performance or merit. During times of reform and transformation, leaders must communicate an inspiring unifying vision which is authentic and compelling enough to win the hearts and minds of their most valuable enabling assets: their people.

Tahir Mohammed Al Dabbagh

Chairman, Roots Group

Roots Group comprises about 30 subsidiaries worldwide organized under three pillars of business: commercial, industrial, and design and building solutions. The commercial division was the starting point for Roots more than 35 years ago. Today we represent some of the most recognized construction equipment and building material brands such as Bosch, Haulotte Jungheinrich, and Case Construction. We have built a strong name over many years of supplying large infrastructure projects with everything from cranes to concrete mix. In 2013, Roots sealed a joint venture deal with Ideal Standard, and in less than five years we increased sales from IDS to account for 13% of the overall commercial division revenues. In addition to working on a varied but complementary lines of products, our geographical spread has also been an important factor in our success. We are present in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Jordan, and Nigeria across 11 markets. Our growth strategy is to expand according to forecasted needs and requirements and organically curtail economic cycles.



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