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Shamis bin Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri

Group Managing Director, Ali & Sons Holding

Over the past year we have achieved various milestones that have strengthened our position as a holding group. In the car dealership segment, we have launched the opening of the new Audi showroom on the road to the airport and the Porsche service center equipped with a newly installed electricity recharging station for hybrid cars. For our hospitality segment, we have expanded our contracting business line to include the construction of resorts, hence signing two deals, one for the development of the Sadiyaat Rotana Hotel and the second for Al Bateen Marina Resort. For the luxury retail sector, we have activities stretched out to Qatar and Kuwait, as well as the opening of three jewelry stores across the UAE. We take a good amount of time to evaluate a business or a sector before making such a decision. We tend to avoid making knee-jerk reactions based on sudden market fluctuations. We maintain steady and long-lasting commitments to our projects and take our decisions on the basis of providing strong and consistent trends.

Amer Kakish

CEO, Ittihad International Investment

We made quite a few breakthroughs during 2016 following a new strategy that we implemented a few years ago that enabled us to secure good markets for our exports for 2015 and 2016. We built on our strengths and increased our share by acquiring that of our competitors as an engine for growth. We had positive numbers as we managed to leverage the UAE’s status as a global hub for trade and business, compounded by its strong port and export routes. We also extended our exporting capacities to make them one of our core businesses today. Having an upfront knowledge of how the shipping and exporting industry works has allowed us to plan the markets that we need to grow and gauge how aggressive our approach needs to be. We implemented a very aggressive strategy in 2015, and during 2016 we were able to see the results and have a footprint in most of the exporting areas. Today we have over 10 markets for every single company within our group.

Rashed Al Mazroui

Chairman, Rashed Al Mazroui

Al Mazroui Group has always been a family company. We started in 1974 with a few activities in a limited array of sectors and we have grown and developed into a group of companies with operations in more than 20 different areas, ranging from trading to construction, and from industrial areas to logistics. Although we maintain our UAE footprint, we have also expanded into other GCC markets and some countries in the wider Middle East. Now we also have a number of foreign partners working and investing in the group. Over our more than 40 years of existence we have contributed to the development of Abu Dhabi as an economic center in the region, we have brought a series of high-caliber companies into the Emirate that have made the business environment here grow exponentially. Much in the way the country did, Al Mazroui Group has closely followed this diversification process to map opportunities in the most promising areas of local economic activity.

ENG. Hamad Al Ameri

Managing Director, Trojan Holding

Trojan Holding has nine subsidiary companies, each of which has a core function related to construction, each with different specialties. We provide services varying from steel structures to concrete, infrastructure to mechanical, and electrical to plumbing. We work in the construction of low-rise sites and high-rise buildings. We are currently engaged in operations that include large city infrastructure, buildings, villas, and townhouses. We are involved in completing every aspect of construction as well, from cement blocks to wooden doors. We have a few projects in the UAE, in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as our first project in the UK, on the Greenwich peninsula. Furthermore, we have expanded our projects in Morocco, Jordan, Russia, Egypt, and Canada. The range of our services in these locations is diversified and highly specialized. We try to align our company’s vision with Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and are further diversifying our work in construction, residential infrastructure, highways, hospitality, education, and as many sectors as we can.



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