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Though Malaysia is strongly going into health tourism mainly due to its quality healthcare infrastructure and competitive pricing, local patients remain the core focus of hospitals.

Gan Kong Hoe

CEO, Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Center

When we started this hospital, we wanted to do things differently. We went for full electronic medical records from day one, so that our doctors do not require physical medical records. In addition, we took in many younger doctors trained according to the latest procedural techniques, which would help differentiate ourselves from the competition. With a group of young doctors in a new hospital, we have a long future ahead of us. Malacca has a small population of less than 900,000 people, and many of the private hospitals here depend on Johor and Indonesia for patients. However, it will take us time to penetrate the Indonesian market, where our competitors have been operating for 20 years. We compete with three other private hospitals in Malacca, though as the newest one, we have the advantage of being built according to the latest specifications of the Ministry of Health. The other three hospitals were built around 20 years ago and face limitations for growth, whereas our building has ample of room for growth, with a floor size of 566,000sqft. Moreover, we are built on a 25-acre piece of land, which will help us in terms of further development for future strength.

Miranda Harumal

CEO, KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital

KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital began at the end of 2013, situated in 11-storey building with a 280-bed capacity. At the moment, we have the largest pool of consultants in Sabah with a total workforce of around 500 employees. Our biggest achievement is the full MSQH accreditation, which we received for 2017-2021. This is an important mark for us to ensure we give the best quality of healthcare to the public. In June 2018, we recorded another milestone as the first to launch our minimal access invasive surgery with laparoscopic 3D camera system. In September 2018, we worked together with the state police department to launch the first child safety program, whereby a complimentary baby car seat will be provided during the promotional period. Our greatest milestone was in December 2018 when we launched the first and only private radiotherapy and cancer center for Sabah. We have a variety of sub specialties consultants with extensive experience. We aspire to be the preferred healthcare provider in the region. We now adopt a full-fledged clinical information system that was solely developed by the hospital group, and our ultimate aim is to improve the patient outcomes through reporting online with faster delivery time.

Noel Cheah

CEO, Noel Cheah

Parkway Pantai officially opened Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu in 2015. We were the new kid on the block and starting from scratch as well as being the first Parkway Pantai Hospital in East Malaysia. We focused on catering to the needs of the community and furnished the hospital with state-of-the-art equipment to perform basic to complex procedures. Three years on, we have been able to carry out complex surgeries, such as liver, spine, and neurosurgery. We are also the only private hospital in Sabah capable of performing pediatric open-heart surgery. In any major city, there are 24/7 cardiology services to respond to emergencies. We are the only private hospital in Sabah able to provide this service at the moment. Our strength is in our exclusive expertise in complex surgeries like liver, spine, neuro and pediatric heart surgery in Sabah. In addition, our added value proposition is our ability to provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary care. Our Heart and Lung Centre is a good example of this. Our specialists in cardiology, cardio-thoracic surgery and respiratory medicine are organized into a cluster supported by other associated internal medicine disciplines. Our aspiration is to provide multi-disciplinary and holistic care in seamless one-stop shop fashion.



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