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Only by intimately knowing the best international practices can Panama's leading healthcare providers revolutionize the domestic market.

Francisco Ripoll

Executive Director, Centro MÉdico Paitilla

The Paitilla Medical Center has been a successful hospital for 43 years. Our goal is to continue maintaining the service we have offered since opening and improve it through the vision and strategy of Hospiten Group. We are in the process of restructuring and modernizing the hospital through the automation of its operational procedures, investing in technology and infrastructure, and working to acquire ISO certification in the near future. Our strategy is now focused on modernizing the entire hospital. Infrastructure wise, we already have a three-year modernization project. On the technology front, we have already started a very ambitious automation process to migrate to SAP, which we already began in the areas of accounting and finance in 2018. In 2019, we will cover the billing and medical grid. Finally, we will continue to focus on maintaining a high quality of service delivered by our personnel, which has always been our greatest pride. From a macro perspective, Centro Médico Paitilla contributes to Panama’s economy mainly by creating more than 600 permanent jobs. That said, we are also a teaching hospital for the University of Panama and promoting and investing in higher education for our nation’s future doctors. Our plan is to grow and become the leading hospital in Central America.

Edwin Villalobos

Medical Director, The Panama Clinic

Talima Venture Inc is committed to bringing Panama the best practices from around the world, especially business practices and healthcare management facilities. Now we are making our first move into the healthcare sector, which is good because one of our strengths is making great projects from the outset. That is why we have invested a great deal of time visiting the best hospitals globally to see how they are renewing and redesigning healthcare and how patients receive care that meets their needs. These hospitals have given us tremendous help in developing The Panama Clinic as a world-class hospital. When it comes to our idea to provide multiple services under one roof, it is widely known that mixed-use projects are a global trend right now. Major cities worldwide have found that people want greater comfort when they look for services, and at the end of the day we are in the services industry, and not merely healthcare. We also provide entertainment, spa services, daycare, and cultural offerings. We are also building three world-class auditoriums for concerts, operas, shows, and academic congresses, which are particularly relevant for the many events held by the pharma, medical, nursing, and related professions. That said, the hospital will be the cornerstone of the complex around which everything else is leveraged to the benefit of the patients, physicians, and healthcare employees.

Wendy Berrio

General Manager, Wendy Berrio

The Province of Colón is going through a process of restructuring and renovation as a result of the commissioning of the Colón Duty Free Port project, which was created in 1992 but modified by Law 7 to attract commercial and infrastructure investment, boost economic activity, and create new jobs. We are very positive and confident that this system will achieve its objective and create the necessary conditions to transform Colón into a city of interest for investors, bringing about an economic reactivation of the area and converting the province into a touristic point of interest. When it comes to the expansion of our second floor, we are currently in the stage of drafting construction blueprints of our Caribbean Medical Center expansion. We have selected an important architectural firm in the country that has extensive experience in national and international projects. The firm, Luis Carballeda Office of Architecture, is in charge of the center’s new image. Our goal is to turn this into the first third-level hospital in the province of Colón. When it comes to strengthening the services we offer, we shuffled our board of directors in 2018 in order to strengthen our good corporate governance and social responsibility initiatives. People with extensive experience in the health sector were appointed and have helped us develop our long-term strategic plan.



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