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Fred Abusada

KUWAIT - Telecoms & IT

Host with the Most

Director Business Development, TALEA - Tailor Made Marketing & Communication


Fred Abusada has more than 20 years of experience in communication and marketing with regional capabilities covering many aspects of advertising and event management. He is responsible for analyzing local market trends and competitor activity to recommend strategies that keep TALEA as a leader in its marketplace through the development of future and repeat business.

TALEA helps companies hold promotional events across the Middle East, bringing a regional network of clients and brands.

What does TALEA do?

TALEA is a regional network specialized in corporate event management for marketing and communication. TALEA provides customized, integrated, and innovative solutions. TALEA develops and executes events that are both memorable and image enhancing. TALEA has been entrusted by its clients in the different market sectors and within diverse countries in the region such as Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and the UAE, with an exposure to different cultures, and has been selected amongst the most qualified service providers as a corporate event planner based on its expertise in the respective market segments.

How did the concept of TALEA come up, and what does TALEA stand for?

TALEA delivers customized innovative solutions in marketing communication. Since TALEA is the Latin etymology for “tailors” and we deliver personalized solutions, we thought it would be a great name.

What services does TALEA provide and what main customer trends are you witnessing?

TALEA is a creative agency dedicated to creating experiences for brands in order to generate more memories; we provide an innovative branding, an immersive technology, an efficient Public relation Program coupled with a full service of logistics, technical support and production services.

As a family-owned company, what are the major challenges but also benefits you can highlight?

We were very insistent on creating boundaries avoiding mixing professional with personal and that was our daily challenge for over 30 years; in our case, being a family has only enhanced our success since we are completing each other in daily tasks and personal skills. We struggle coming home after work and falling back into business mode instead of spending quality time with one another. Because of this, we designate dinner a business-free zone so there are no “conflicts.” Our constant communication ensures a smooth journey but also made us soul mates for life.

What has been key for TALEA’s implementation and growth in the region?

TALEA is a dynamic and evolving company shaped to produce measurable change for its clients; we make sure that everything we do, achieves specific goals, precisely defined by our clients’ strategic needs. We help with everything from supporting corporate strategy to building brand engagement and growing customer loyalty.

What has been your branding strategy in Kuwait and how did you manage to increase your brand awareness in the country?

TALEA services are wrapped with a senior customer relationship management and excellence in delivery; our creative resources embrace the skills of architects, 3D & 2D designers, film makers, creative technologists, bloggers, social media experts, art directors, copywriters and finally, creative strategists. They all work together and tailor a more creative future for our clients and for ourselves

What main factors give TALEA a competitive edge?

We have an extensive expertise in leading this brand with strategic thinking while delivering creative and innovative solutions. We also benefit from our regional network in Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and the UAE in order to enhance our communication solutions for regional customers and multinational accounts.

What are you aiming to achieve this year?

Create a great customer experience strategy to help improve client satisfaction, reduce churn and increase revenues.



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