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PORTUGAL - Telecoms & IT

Hugo Pinto

Partner, BI4ALL


Hugo Pinto is the founding partner of BI4ALL, of which he is a partner and responsible for international development. Pinto has more than 18 years of experience in the analytics market, having developed projects in several areas, mainly for international clients. With a degree in business management from Instituto Superior de Gestão, he has extensive knowledge and skills to manage projects based on analytics to optimize processes, time, resources, and results.

"The primary responsibilities of a digital transformation consultant include assisting businesses in identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency and profitability through digitalization."
TBY talks to Hugo Pinto, Partner of BI4ALL, about competitive advantages, digital transformation, and objectives going forward.
How does data handling give businesses a competitive advantage?

BI4ALL has been leveraging the power of data since 2004, making us experts in the field. Data is critical in decision-making, enabling businesses to optimize operations and test markets and products more efficiently. Both established competitors and new entrants can leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value. Data is increasingly becoming a key differentiator, allowing companies to outperform their peers by gaining valuable insight and knowledge that inform the creation of new service offerings and the design of future products. To successfully navigate their digital transformation journeys, businesses require the expertise of a trusted partner who can offer guidance and support. BI4ALL has specialists in different verticals, including pharma, energy, banking, and insurance, who provide tailored services to meet our customers’ needs. Our specialists deeply understand of our client’s business needs and can help them leverage their data to make informed decisions and define a strong strategy.

What are the main tasks of the digital transformation consultant?

The primary responsibilities of a digital transformation consultant include assisting businesses in identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency and profitability through digitalization. This involves formulating a client’s digital strategy, executing it, and providing ongoing support. Consulting firms specializing in digital transformation guide companies through changing their business and operating models to achieve a more secure and stable digital future. Services provided by these firms include assessing a client’s needs and current position, identifying areas of improvement through new technology, and developing strategies for digital solutions. Digital transformation consultants analyze who and where technologies can be used to gain a competitive advantage or enter new markets. They also play a key role in ensuring effective change management.

Who are your target companies?

We focus on international companies with significant data handling needs, particularly those outside Portugal across all sectors. The company has a strong presence in the pharma, banking, insurance, and energy industries. With over 400 employees and almost 19 years of experience, BI4ALL has expanded to Switzerland because we currently have 14 customers in the country, which provides a solid foundation for business development and references. Effective data management is crucial to optimize processes, gather competitive advantages, and achieve better business decisions regardless of the industry. BI4ALL can provide tailor-made solutions for sectors such as automotive, food and beverage, pharma, and more. The company is particularly interested in expanding further in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, and North America.

What makes BI4ALL an expert in data?

BI4ALL’s specialization in data analytics and artificial intelligence makes the company an expert in this field. We are committed to hiring and working with the best talent available, which makes a significant difference. Our international reach and presence in multiple countries also contribute to our competitiveness. We have experience working with various technologies, some of which we are the sole providers in Portugal. Our clients utilize some of these technologies in other countries, allowing knowledge transfer and staying at the forefront of innovation. Working with international clients also enables us to broaden our learning scope and push innovation forward.

Why is Portugal such a successful exporter of technology?

Several factors contribute to Portugal’s success internationally. First and foremost, Portuguese universities are outstanding and have helped to develop a highly skilled workforce. Additionally, our labor force is highly adaptable. Furthermore, their linguistic abilities are another important asset. If we include competitive pricing and high quality, Portugal naturally stands out as a unique and attractive value proposition in the technology sector.

How would you assess the state of business analytics in Portugal?

The country’s small size and cost sensitivity influence Portugal’s business analytics market. Microsoft dominates the Portuguese market for analytics solutions. However, the market is also challenging due to scale, with 97% of Portuguese companies being small or medium-sized. Therefore, the main challenge is demonstrating the business benefits of analytics solutions to cost-conscious clients.

How do you envision data impacting industry development in the near and long term?

The Industry is already being transformed by information technologies such as AI to make business processes more efficient, lower costs, and boost productivity. Other products in the market, such as chatbots, can improve user experience, while technologies for data gathering, such as sensors, give the business better control over processes. This forms a positive feedback loop because as technologies develop and data gathering improves, these technologies will continue to be optimized. BI4ALL works closely with its clients to understand their processes and help them transform their data into valuable market and business insights.

How should managers approach data to maximize the power of insights?

Managers must focus on choosing the correct data to maximize the power of insights. With data volume and modeling growth in the past few years, they must be strategic in sourcing data creatively and getting the necessary IT support. Though data is essential, it is important to note that performance improvements and competitive advantage come from analytics models that allow managers to predict and optimize outcomes. It is necessary to identify a business opportunity first and determine how the model can improve performance before starting to build the model.

What is Bi4ALL’s company objective going forward?

BI4ALL aims to become a global reference in data analytics and AI. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the most efficient and innovative solutions in these fields. Our plans are based on two key axes: commercial development, namely by opening new offices, as was the case in Switzerland, and expanding our delivery capabilities through the creation of new centers worldwide.



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