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Companies in Angola’s hydrocarbons sector are focused on continued investment in assets, equipment, and expansion in order to be prepared for new and exciting projects in the country.

Walter Vinha

General Manager, Lubáfrica

In Angola, there is demand for all types of product, regardless of quality, because the country’s economic situation dictates it. In our case, in addition to having a comprehensive product portfolio for most of the equipment used, we have a loyal customer base given the quality of our products. Our customers want quality and the assurance that when they buy our lubricant for their machines, they will not encounter any problems. There are many unknown brands in this market, but we do not worry about that, because we have a clientele that cares about the quality of the product and prefers to invest in one that will increase the useful life of their equipment. An oil of poor quality is not the same as one of superior quality. Over time, people will realize that, especially with large-scale, expensive equipment such as a generator or excavator. We have clients in almost all sectors of activity, but specifically the transport, construction, agriculture and industrial sectors. In the medium term, with the inspection taking place in the national market to control lubricant imports, brands of dubious quality will naturally disappear. With better quality lubricants, there will be an improvement in equipment and a reduction in the consumption of parts for them.

Valter Escórcio

Country Director, Baker Hughes

We drill the wells in Angola and build the infrastructure for production, subsea wellheads, and umbilical risers. For platforms, we supply other critical equipment, specifically turbines and compressors. The turbines power the platforms, subsea operations, and production operations, while the compressors provide the enabling pressure for the oil to flow. We are part of the critical elements for oil production. There are competitors, therefore we work hard to be more efficient and deliver additional value more reliably, as well as improve the life cycle cost of our equipment and drive value for our customers. We are also complementing our traditional services with a digital offering to drive predictable options for our customers, while we help them be more proactive in how they run their business. We are able to embed software and sensors on the machines that tell us exactly how they are performing, allowing for smart maintenance decisions and extending the maintenance intervals. We adapt and make sure we succeed regardless of what happens. We need more activity in Angola and more rigs to sustain us, which is beginning to come; however, most of it is on brownfield work, namely revamping old fields and so on. Hopefully, exploration will lead to huge discoveries so we can have large development projects available.

Frédéric Heintz

General Manager, Petromar

We started a long time ago, initially as an offshore company in a joint venture with Sonangol, starting with offshore fabrication activities. We decided to move to more solo operations in light of certain national events and global uncertainties. In 2022, we are focused on our base in Cabinda. During all these years we have developed two main activities. One is upstream, involving fabrication activities for new product developments. When the operators discover a field, they engage in either subsea or above sea developments. Then, we have downstream activities. Either offshore in the client site, such as in Senegal, where we have worked in block three for many years on the electrical instrumentation, mechanical issues, maintenance of equipment, and so on. In 2021, we signed a new two-year contract with BP for fabrication maintenance, which means a greater focus on the repair or modification of steel structures or piping on existing facilities. We have been working for seven years to pursue good strategies on maintaining the asset and low pollution levels. Mostly our direct clients are the operators. And our fabrication activity in recent years has mainly been customized. Occasionally based on this model, we can also offer services to the subcontractors of those companies.



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