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UAE, UAE, ABU DHABI - Energy & Mining

Ibrahim Al Alawi

Deputy CEO, AlMansoori


Ibrahim Al Alawi holds a BSc degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He worked for 15 years in various positions within the drilling division of the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) before joining AlMansoori as business development manager in 2004. He later spent two years as Manager, North Africa based in Tripoli before returning to Abu Dhabi to become COO. His current position is Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Al Alawi has been a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) for over 25 years and served in many positions on the board of the Abu Dhabi section, including as chairman.

"We offer upstream services related to drilling and production."
With a 45-year history, AlMansoori has backed the growth of the local oil and gas industry with its high service quality, innovative technologies, and support for local industry.
What services does AlMansoori offer to support the local petroleum industry?

We offer upstream services related to drilling and production. We have nine different service lines that cover almost all of the activities in drilling, production, and well intervention, among others. We have been around for more than 45 years and have developed management systems in place. We have all the necessary certifications and accreditations such as ISO, API, and so on. We operate at a high level of professionalism, which is why we have extremely high service quality. Many local new companies have not had the time to develop and implement such practices. They tend to have lower service quality and more failures and are unable to deliver. This is the reason why we are always looking for new technology. We find small companies that are developing new technology, and they cannot afford to open an office here or hire people. We work together, hand in hand, to promote their products with our services, and they give us an advantage that we can offer to our clients. These are the two things that differentiate us from other local companies. Our goal is to hire as many local people as possible in the other countries we work in. For example, we are 100% local in India, 60% local in Bahrain, more than 80% in Oman, and 100% in Egypt. Wherever we go, we strive to hire locals as much as possible. It always pays, in the long run, to be as local as possible.

What is the strategy behind AlMansoori’s joint ventures?

We seek to support the local industry by having facilities to do repair and maintenance for the products that companies sell. It works out cheaper and timelier. You do not have to send equipment out or deal with exports, import logistics, and so on. It is much easier if the facilities are close to where the equipment is based. We started out by selecting companies that had good-quality products that the local industry needed. We started out as agents, and the companies were so pleased with the service we provided that we took it to the next level, which was to have a joint venture.

How does the company operate to add value to the energy mix transition in the UAE?

We are looking at it from our own environmental concerns. We want to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our energy usage, and improve the environment. We look for technologies such as solar panels for our equipment instead of using diesel generators, for example. We are looking at gas-to-power and gas-to-liquid technology. We look at our own consumption; that is the angle we are looking at as far as the energy transition is concerned. In other countries, specifically in Oman now, new tenders being put out always require a carbon reduction plan as part of the submission. This has not happened in the UAE yet, though we are gaining experience in the other countries that we work in and are applying that experience here.

Are you optimistic about the oil and gas sector in the UAE and in the region?

Everyone knows the energy transition is imminent; however, to fund the transition they need to produce more oil and gas. This is also an opportunity for the GCC to become leaders in a new sector that has not been developed yet. Traditionally, the industry was started in the West, and other countries later adopted those technologies. Now, there is an opportunity for GCC countries to become technology leaders. It is an exciting transition. Working in the UAE and being an Emirati company makes us proud to see all the achievements of ADNOC and other Emirati companies. We hope to continue to make the UAE proud of our achievements. We have been around for over 45 years, and we hope to stay around for another 45 to continue to grow and to be the leaders in our field. ✖



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